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    As some of you may know, my family takes a trip to OC the week of July 4th every year. This year we have a bit of a different situation in front of us, as we are now the proud pet parents of a 3&1/2 month old Chesapeake Bay Retriever puppy.

    When our 13 year old Labrador passed away a few months ago, we were faced with a decision, if we wanted another dog or not, the vote was a unanimous YES. We were well aware that this would mean taking some concessions as far as our travels go, and everyone, was/ still is good with that, however there's a part of each of us that feels like somethings not quite right about missing out on this annual visit.

    So, every day we are now discussing our options. I think we've decided against boarding her, because we feel she's way too young + she's very emotionally attached to us already. Also she's completely house broken, and I'd hate to throw a monkey wrench into that deal. Should we stay at a pet friendly hotel, such as the Clarion, should we look for a condo that allows dogs, or maybe a rental somewhere in the bay area??? I've always swore that I'd never stay in a place that allows pets, and to be honest if I think too hard about it it still grosses me out at times. Aside from the risk of fleas ect. there's also my son to consider - he's allergic to some dogs! Chessies are known for being "close to" hypo allergenic, and so far so good. This being said, the place would have to be somewhere that's receiving a pretty thorough cleaning between guests. (kinda something you'd like regardless lol) Other consideration is - what do you do with the dog during the day? I wouldn't be opposed to driving to Assateague or Bethany to visit the dog friendly beach areas, but a week of that might get old. I really couldn't see me "relaxing" on the beach while wondering about this puppy in a crate, up in the hotel room. A place back in the bay area (where we could let the pup swim) seems to make more sense to me, but maybe there's some pit falls there that I'm not thinking through at the moment.

    Another option is to skip OC till after Oct 1st, & head to Virgina Beach instead for July, where they promote their pet friendly beaches, hotels, and even restaurants....

    So I've posted this, to get some feed back from our forum members, maybe someone can point me into a direction I haven't thought of... maybe some have even been in a similar situation, and found a better resolve.

    What would YOU do???
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    Well, you could do what I did. Buy a truck and a travel trailer. Our 3 dogs go nuts when they see the truck hook up to the camper.


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      I would take the dog, have a good time, and not worry about any of the things you mentioned. At that age he/she will sleep 95% of the time. Feed em - walk em and the rest will be history. There are some good doggy swim places on the bay side in Delaware.


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        Wow, the same breed of dog we want.....never considered the timing of it though. That throws a wrench in our plans for vacation since we usually visit OC twice a year starting with 4 days for the airshow. Then again on the other hand there might not be a vacation next year due to the purchase of a home coming up in September.but then again camping on assateaque would be a good idea.


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          When we travel with the kids we leave the dog with pap pap and grandma. When we go to OC pap pap and grandma go too so the dog stays with the inlaws. To the dog it is actually exciting to spend a week with the grandparents, funny actually. I say lets go see pap pap and he is ready to go. He is older than yours by a large margin (12 years). But at his age he is getting as emotional as a pup.

          In your situation I would try to find family that the pup comes in contact with and see if they can watch the dog in exchange for a giant tub of Fisher's or some other trade-able OC item. With the OC beaches not being friendly to dogs, taking a dog could turn into a very stressful week. Plus how is the dog going to do on the ride? I now Chambersburg is almost half way there, but that could be a rough trip.



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            I would look for a pet friendly condo that is def on the beach. Talk to one of the real estate agents and see if they can get you a newer condo or something that has been recently renovated so it may not be as dirty. With being on the beach, you can let the dog in the room to sleep and easily walk back to the room and let it out for alittle throughout the day. As long as it is house broken really well I dont think you have anything to worry about. Look at it like you do when you goto work. I am assuming you let the dog at home all day by itself, this would be the same situation but you can actually go back to the room whenever you want and check up on him.


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              My in-laws used to find one of my Nieces or Nephews, (their grandkids) usually 16 to 20 years old, to stay at their home for the week of vacation with the dog. The dog was happy & at home, the kid was happy to be on their own for a week, with parents checking in on them of course. Not sure if you have any young relatives you would trust to do that or not, it worked out really well for them every time. I also am not fond of the thought of a pet friendly rental even though we have pets. You have to go on the vacation though since all of us look forward to reading your reviews.


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                There are no condo buildings which allow pets for renters, only for owners. You might try a single family house, but most of those don't allow pets if rented through a real estate company. Maybe try to find an owner rental.


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                  We have small Poms so even when we are home during the day and at night they have their own room so we have the kids stop by in the evening and let them out for a few hours so it is not that much different than a normal day. We tried taking them down even for the day, One was fine with it the other just doesn't do well in the car. He is okay for short trips around town but after an hour just starts whining so now don't even try it anymore. Honest if you can find a condo or a house I would give it a try that is the only way you will know how it will work out.


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                    Thank you everyone for your input.

                    The dog is already an excellent traveler. Last week she rode shotgun with my wife down to VA Beach (our son is based there) and was the perfect co-pilot the entire trip. While she's very well behaved, Chessies are a high energy breed that require regular exercise. She sleeps all night, but during the day, she's up the majority of the time.
                    I think I'm between getting a place back on the bay, or just waiting till Oct to visit OC.

                    Thanks again for all the responses!


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                      Dean, Have you looked at Homeaway? Here's a link to 44 places that take pets...some look real nice too. You may never go back to the Hilton...haha



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                        Originally posted by tczop View Post
                        Dean, Have you looked at Homeaway? Here's a link to 44 places that take pets...some look real nice too. You may never go back to the Hilton...haha

                        Thanks for the link tczop. We're still undecided, but you're right some of em look pretty decent.


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                          Originally posted by mcpow View Post
                          There are no condo buildings which allow pets for renters, only for owners. You might try a single family house, but most of those don't allow pets if rented through a real estate company. Maybe try to find an owner rental.

                          Actually Hollday Rentals has alot of pet friendly rentals...houses, condo, mobile home, etc......


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                            Thanks for the feed back everyone.

                            After careful consideration we decided to press forward with our annual 4th trip. We opted out of the Holiday Inn suites and switched it up to a rental I found in the bay. We're taking the puppy with us, and I'm pretty sure she's going to love the back yard, private dock and the bay, as apposed to a hotel room & her crate... Went out and bought my son a kayak to take with us, now just need to get 2 more for myself and the wife.

                            BTW, anybody out there wanting to lend me their kayaks (or even a boat!) for the weekend, well.... you wouldn't have to twist my arm too hard!!!

                            This will most definitely be a different kind of OC vacation for us, and we are really looking forward to it - Thanks again for all the input!