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    Originally posted by Z06RL View Post
    but there's not much to comment on.
    I keep my comments to a minimum lately because I haven't been to OC in a long time and I'm not sure when I'll be able to make it back So most of my opinions will be irrelevant. If I don't have to work the Sunday during Endless Summer Crusin I might make a long day of it and drive my car down early that Saturday morning and leave late at night. That's about the only prospect I have.


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      Hap did have some good insights on different subjects. We had some good banter, but boy did it get crazy in the end. Same with the cowboys,crabcake,philly,movie star folks. I never could keep track of who was who or pretending to be who, but still some good info time to time. And I always love some football banter. This time next week we will be just getting to OC. I will post about our trip when we get back.


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        Am still hoping to get down this year but may not be until the fall but will have to see.


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          I'm sure he's hiding somewhere with voodoo dolls of all of us!

          But I do have a have a question or two I've wanted to talk about. I'll go start a thread...
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            There's a multitude of different factors here, but in my opinion this forum is STILL recovering from the days when people were afraid to post for fear of having someone read them the riot act, because the answer was too obvious, or the question was asked once before. As Britt said, this board lost a lot of valued member over that nonsense.

            People need to feel welcome to post and ask questions - plain and simple.

            I honestly think if we all get back into a habit of not only regularly checking this board, but ALSO actively posting in it, we can turn it around, matter of fact I think it's already working, and this thread has been a direct catalyst for the increase in recent activity.

            Things seem to finally be going in the right direction, I think we just need to keep it up!


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              I agree DeanM. I think if we vets start posting, more people will respond. Who cares if we post topics that have been discussed before. Let's get this thing moving!!

              Admin, my suggestion for you would be to post status updates on Facebook and send out tweets on Twitter. If we members reply to your status updates or retweet your tweets, things could get circulated quickly. I don't know if you have a specific Facebook page for the Forum, but if you create one, I'll friend it in a heartbeat to spread the word.