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    I am planning on moving to Ocean City this summer. I want to be hired somewhere as a server. I have experience with serving so I'm hoping it will be easy to find somewhere. Where do I even begin to look for places hiring servers and when is the best time to begin applying? Also I will most likely have no friends coming with me. I would like to find a place to rent with some reliable people that are around 20 that will also be living down there for the summer. Does anyone know if there is a place where you can find people looking for roommates? I'm obviously not looking for anything fancy. Just somewhere to sleep basically. Any information on where to start with this would help tremendously.

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    The sooner you start looking the better, although some places are shut down and will not be responding to applications until late winter/early spring.

    The place to begin is the OC Chamber of Commerce. They have good connections for seasonal jobs as well as for seasonal housing. In March they host a job fair in March that is a great venue for finding a position (2014 dates not announced yet). Their website is

    Some employers, including Phillips, offer seasonal housing at a more reasonable rate to their staff. Keep this in mind when looking for a job as it can solve two problems at once.

    Here are a few more resources:

    (1) Many people use Craigslist to find jobs and housing in OC.

    (2) Connect with the International Student Center - They help lots of international students find jobs in OC and likely can help you too even if you are not international. You can reach them at 410.289.0350. (3) Check with nearby colleges to see if they have any leads.

    (3) Watch the classified sections of Maryland Coast Dispatch and Ocean City Today. Both of these have job and housing listings.

    The OC Insiders can also be a useful resource as you have more questions.

    Good Luck in your search. Have a great summer in OC next year!
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