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Does anyone know who this Springfest vendor was?

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  • Does anyone know who this Springfest vendor was?

    This is a long shot BUT, worth a shot. In the tent that ran parallel to the boardwalk (I think) there was a booth that sold crazy hair pins (pins that you would pin to your shirt, blouse, etc...) she also sold beaded magnetic necklaces and bracelets. Anyway, does anyone know what the name of that booth may have been? The pins were "people" with crazy, shiny,string hair - sports teams, relay for life, etc. Mom wanted one but didn't say anything until after we were home, trying to find this seller as a surprise!

    Thank you!

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    Wow. That's going to be hard to answer. You can reach out to the Ocean City page on Facebook, or the Insiders at Or even try contacting the Chamber of Commerce or City Hall. They should have a list of who was set up where.
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