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    So after many years of debate i've finally decided to make the move and live the beach life that i have always dreamed too (well at least what my budget will let me). I am looking for a little help in deciding where in OC is right for me. I have visited many times in my life growing up so i am somewhat familiar with the area, but it has been several years since i have visited. Any info that the wonderful locals that visit this site would be able to provide would be a great help in my search. I am looking for info on good/bad areas to look at living, crime, i am a long time restaurant manager so i feel like a job shouldnt be too hard for me to find, but would be interested if anyone is familiar with the types of salary that is offered (i know it varies by restaurant, experience etc..) i am just looking for an estimation. Also if anyone knows of any links for apartment communities, agents etc.. i am looking to live the apartment life for a year or so before buying a home. Any and all info is welcomed, thanks in advance.


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    I can tell you, if you plan to live in OC proper (on the island) there are virtually no traditional apartment rental communities. You will have to rent directly from an owner or a local real estate company. You can contact Coldwell Banker and Holiday Real Estate for a start, to see what types of year-round rentals they have available. You can also check on Craigslist for year-round rentals, I've seen a decent amount listed there.

    As far as area...that's going to be a toss-up on what is available and what best suits your needs. There is no really "bad" area in OC, it's more or less if you want to be in the action - in a more crowded area or in a more quiet area. The closer you are to downtown and the boardwalk, the more hectic and loud it tends to be. If you are looking for something a little quieter, there are plenty of quieter communities on the bay-side, north of 62nd st.

    A few things to keep in mind... 1) If you live downtown, say south of 17th st. (and especially bay-side) be prepared for occasional flooding of the streets. That area is infamous for flooding during bad storms, or even just the extended rain storm. 2) This coincides with number 1... in instances where flooding is to be expected, the city will often shut down the power grids in the affected areas to protect the infrastructure until the flooding recedes. 3) There are plenty of restaurant jobs in and around OC but a lot of them are just seasonal. There are some places that stay open year-round but a lot of places will close down (month's at a time) between late fall and early spring. It's easy to find seasonal work but hard to find those year-round gigs as a lot of them are already taken up by locals whom have been there many years prior.

    Good luck with your move!