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Looking for a balcony room over looking the strip

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  • Looking for a balcony room over looking the strip

    Hi everyone, I'm new to ocean city, last year was our first vacation in ocean city and we had a blast! We came down for the car show weekend and we are looking to find a room with a balcony with a nice view overlooking the road for 2017. We would like to have the option just to hangout in the room and watch the cars go by. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

    Thank you!

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    If you're looking for a room overlooking Coastal Highway to watch the cars cruise at night, try the Hampton Inn. I'm sure they're sold out by now since they're less than a block to the Convention Center, but you never know. The Bonita Beach has a great balcony overlooking Coastal for car watching. The Flamingo or the Empress both are on Baltimore and is heavily traveled by cruisers so they would be an option. There really aren't a lot of hotels facing the highway. Boardwalk hotels are an option so you can watch the parade in the mornings plus you can walk to the inlet for the show. Lower end hotels are all sold out ( I know because we go every year and I'm having a hard time this year finding a place). But try the Grand on 21st, Days Inn on 16th, Holiday Inn on 17th , or try the Dunes complex from 27th to 30th St.
    Go to and put your dates in on the right side. It will bring up a good list of hotels with availability and prices. Good luck with your search because the good places are gone now. Everyone books a lot earlier or when they check out for the following year.
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