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  • Looking for a summer job / room rental


    I will be joining student exchange program Work&Travel USA this year and I will be living in Ocean City for 4 months (june-september 2017) and I will be looking for some 2nd job in addition to my usual job. Do you have any recommended places that I should try sending a resume? It would be awesome if I could do that via email while im still in my home country.

    I'd also love to try to rent a room, because they're offering us shared room, Id love to have one for myself. It can be small - I just want to sleep alone. Where should I look for some offers? Thanks
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    Nearly every restaurant in Ocean City has been posting for employees on Facebook. Your student exchange program should have a list available to you , but you should have no trouble finding one. As for a room wouldn't be able to afford it even with four jobs. Check out the Candy Kitchen. They normally have places for their summer students to live.
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      Personally I can not help. But last year I also came here and company E-point Student Travel Center helped me very much with housing and with a 2nd job, and with much more than that. I recommend you)