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  • Forum Update & Suggestions

    The forum has recently been updated. As a result you will see some changes from the previous version of the forum. As the administrators of the forum, we would appreciate any feedback and suggestions that you would like to see implemented. Please use this thread to let us know how we can continue to improve the forum.

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    1st impression, toss it.

    1st impression, toss it. hard to navigate, hard on the eyes, maybe it'll grow on me...
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      It's awful. Put it back the

      It's awful. Put it back the way it was. PLEASE!
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        This is sooooooo bad. I

        This is sooooooo bad. I just read (or tried to read) a thread with quite a few answers, and as I scrolled down through the answers, the print went to four words per line, three words per line, two words per line, then one word per line. This is ridiculous. I'm not going to post on this forum anymore till it gets better. I'll check back in a week. Hopefully someone will come to their senses and fix this mess.
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          Very Difficult!!!

          I just logged into this site and hate it. It is very difficult to navigate and its hard to read the comments. With technology the way it is today, I can't believe that this site has made drastic changes to its forum, which was easy to navigate to begin with. I agree with the previous thread, how do you get to page 2 of comments? Please update this site again!!! AND WHY DOES EACH COMMENT GO DIAGONALLY DOWN????


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            The new format is absolutely HORRIBLE!

            I think it's a TERRIBLE design and it's very hard to navigate. There was nothing wrong with the old format and it worked quite well and was very easy to navigate, easier to read, much more logically laid out, etc.

            I think that user participation will go WAY down with the new look/style of the forum and that this is a bad move. What happened to the old saying, "if it's not broken, don't try to fix it"?

            Please bring back the old format!


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              I agree with all of the above,took me quite a while just to get here.
              Just what was wrong with the other board????
              Like someone else said,I'll be back in a week,and I normally visit here several times a day.I
              Guess this will be posted.


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                I've been posting over on

                I've been posting over on the Trip Advisor forum.Much more user freindly.See you folks over there.
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                  its like 1995 in here.

                  its like 1995 in here.


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                    We are continuing to update the forum display and functionality to bring it up to the standards to which you have been accustomed. The new changes will be up very soon. Please bear with us as the forum continues to improve, and again, we apologize for the inconvenience.


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                      Admin made it sound like

                      Admin made it sound like people were complaining about the old site. Has anyone ever complained about its format. I know there were times that it might have been slow, but I never read any posts that the format of the site was poor. That was always a strong suit of the site.


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                        The recent improvements are

                        The recent improvements are better. It's much easier to read the individual responses with the block format.


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                          I don't know...

                          it's better than it was yesterday but I still think it has along way to go... I called and talked to the administrator yesterday and voiced my concerns, I will say he was very receptive, and I do believe they are working hard to fix this site and get it to the point where people will actaully want to post & read on here again. However seeing the changes and impovements that have been made in the last 24 hrs, tells me this is looking like an uphill battle.
                          Truthfuly, I really believe at this point the best thing they could do would be to switch it back to the original format, because by the time they get the bugs worked out enough for it to be considered "user friendly", there may not be any "users" left that even care.


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                            I don't like it either. Put

                            I don't like it either. Put it back to the old version.
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                              Sorry, but this forum is

                              Sorry, but this forum is still bad. Why such loooonnnnngg posts? The way it was before was so much better and user friendly. Please go back to the old format. And why do I have to do an extra step to post a reply? I don't need to preview my comment and then post. Big thumbs down all around.
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