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  • Sandy

    The forecast models from NOAA at 8 AM this morning show Sandy coming ashore right on top of Ocean City. This storm, combined with the Nor'Easter and full moon is sounding nastier as it gets closer to us. Please be careful out there.

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    I plan on doing some night swimming when it hits, I heard that's the best time to do it.


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      Originally posted by KirkTheJerk View Post
      I plan on doing some night swimming when it hits, I heard that's the best time to do it.
      Is that before or after the hurricane party at paul revere's? In all seriousness, as has been said everyone stay safe. I know I'll be watching the webcams this weekend.
      common sense is not so common


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        Sandy, that waitress I was seeing lost her desire for me


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 will keep you updated on Hurricane Sandy

          We have posted information on Hurricane Sandy on the site --

          We will continue to update this with press releases, weather update, emergency preparedness and other important information.


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            Looks like this could get pretty ugly!

            I hope all of you in town during this time will be able to stay safe.

            Also hope that those of you with property or businesses are able to protect your operations. We're all counting on you to be there for our next OC vacation!


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              There's still a few days until she gets close. A lot can happen between now and then, since those bad boys are pretty unpredictable. At least there's not 250,000 tourists here like there would be on a summer weekend.

              BTW pghDave, love your avatar.


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                Here is the morning Hurricane Sandy update. More to come early this afternoon.

                Town of Ocean City implementing Phase II of Emergency Operations Plan

                With Hurricane Sandy’s arrival approaching, the Town of Ocean City is implementing Phase II of the Emergency Operations Plan. Due to the severe flooding which is expected during the storm, a mandatory evacuation of all residents in the downtown are
                a (south of 17th Street) has been issued and is effective immediately. All residents in these areas must evacuate before 8 p.m. today, October 28. In addition, a voluntary evacuation order is in place for residents and occupants of known low lying areas.

                Ocean City Mayor Rick Meehan has declared a local State of Emergency, issuing an order to close the beach to all persons until further notices. In addition, the inlet lot will be closed beginning at 5 p.m. and will not reopen for the duration of the storm, which is expected to last two to three days.

                Worcester County is expected to open shelters beginning at 1 p.m. today, October 28. The Town of Ocean City will utilize the municipal transportation system for relocation of people with special needs and will provide a pick-up location at the Convention Center to relocate people to the designated shelters


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                  Mandatory Evacuations Declared in Worcester County

                  The Worcester County Commissioners have declared a local state of emergency and have ordered waterfront property owners to evacuate due to imminent threats from Hurricane Sandy. This includes all properties in the West Ocean City area, the communities of Cape Isle of Wight, Mystic Harbour, Snug Harbor, The Landings and Assateague Point. Also included in this are South Point, anything east of the parkway in Ocean Pines and all other waterfront properties throughout Worcester County due to anticipated flooding.

                  Current forecasts call for 8” to 10” of rain with prolonged, strong winds between 40 to 45 miles per hour (mph) sustained and gusts of 60 mph, increasing the likelihood of structural damages, downed trees and power outages that are anticipated to continue for extended periods of several days or more.

                  County shelters will open at 1:00 p.m. today, October 28, 2012. These shelters include Stephen Decatur High School, Snow Hill High School and Pocomoke High School, and the pet friendly shelters Stephen Decatur Middle School, Animal Control in Snow Hill and Pocomoke High School. Pet owners must provide their own carriers and food.

                  People with special needs requiring shelter or assistance should contact the Worcester County Health Department at 410-632-1100 and then press 8
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                    Is this the same as a mandatory evacuation from Ocean City? The wording is interesting in that it orders waterfront owners to evacuate but what about renters? According to the Ocean City news release at 4:50 PM, there is no evacuation above 17th St.


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                      Some businesses have taken a tongue in cheek approach fishers_n.jpgboardedup_n.jpg


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                        I guess the news section of the forum doesn't get attention

                        This weekend (Sat) was crazy busy with people bustling, then today not so much. The rain is minimal so far, the winds hit and miss........ hit high gusts miss being the steady flow. It's only Sunday but in the next 24 hours I suspect we will see much, much more. I have seen some crazy pics of the pier already getting rocked and waves just crashing over the inlet jetty. Went down today to take a visual of the town and surprised how few places boarded up. Got a video of the trip (gopro on vehicle roof) and will make a compilation of the entire event. Quick observations; during low tide back bays are flooded, south of Division Street was closed, many news and weather people in town.

                        Those in town stay safe, the water and surge are of most concern.


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                          Originally posted by DeanM View Post
                          Some businesses have taken a tongue in cheek approach [ATTACH=CONFIG]10[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]11[/ATTACH]
                          Those are all in Fenwick, speaking of which............. Most retarded quote was Sea Shell City "Bye Bye Sandy we want Candy" or something to that affect. Silly.


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                            That mandatory evacuation was issued by the County rather than the town of OC. Rain and winds are very heavy right now and the ocean has breached the seawall is several places and is going over the boardwalk. All downtown streets are flooded. The pier is collapsing.


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                              Originally posted by lbo View Post
                              I guess the news section of the forum doesn't get attention
                              My bad. Missed your post before starting this one.