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  • Boardwalk Renovation

    I posted some picts of the ongoing boardwalk renovation. About half of the boardwalk was done last year, and the other half will be done this year. It will all be done by next spring.

    It is a compete reconstruction.The prior boardwalk was built on pilings with cross beams and decking (similar to how a wooden bridge is built). Some of this structure dated back to the rebuild after the 1933 storm. The new boardwalk will be built on concrete beams with wooden stingers and decking. Gravel fill goes between the beams and gives the new structure a very high load limit. The construction is similar to how one would build a modern railroad.. Most of the old BW could not support the town's fire trucks, but the new one will be able to support fire trucks and other large vehicles for its entire length.

    The Comfort Station at Carline Street is also being replaced with a new Comfort Station and Entertainment Stage. There are some pictures of the pile-driving for that project also in the mix.

    You can see the pictures at:

    Please post any pictures you have of this project either here or provide a link to them from here.

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    Another informative post OCGuy! The gravel will definitely give it strength, I'll let you know in 15 years or so if it had any ill effect on my knees....


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      Great pictures. I was down in mid November and was very impressed with the work and the technique I saw in the construction. WE also enjoyed watching people take photographs and talking about how all the damage was caused by Sandy. If you get a chance, I'd love to see some photographs of the pier reconstruction. I have not been able to locate any so far.

      I am also amazed that some of the Boardwalk structure has survived since 1933.


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        Great pics OCGuy. Thanks for sharing.
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          Thanks OCGuy. Lot's of great pics. I'll try to post some of the pier construction this week. When I checked it out a couple of weeks ago, I didn't see a whole lot of visible progress but my understanding is that most of the work done to date has been removing the weakened structures and installing new piles.


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            Thanks for sharing your pics.