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    No doubt that the Blue Angels not appearing will dampen the show. But they didn't make it two or three years ago too and the show went on as planned and was actually a very good show. Maybe those people who cancel will come two weeks later for the Dew Tour! That's a lot more fun and a whole weekend!
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      OCEAN CITY -- Just weeks after the U.S. Navy Blue Angels team, the planned headliner of the 2013 Ocean City Air Show, announced it was shutting down its show schedule indefinitely due to federal budget cuts, the event has added a civilian-owned Harrier jet to the lineup.

      In mid-April, the Blue Angels announced all remaining appearances for 2013 had been cancelled due to budget cuts caused by sequestration. The Blue Angels’ decision followed an earlier announcement that all other military air demonstration teams were being grounded for the remainder of 2013 and likely beyond.

      While certainly disappointing, the Blue Angels announcement was not unexpected. Ocean City Air Show producer Brian Lilley briefed the Mayor and Council in February on the potential grounding of military demonstration teams for air shows around the country and vowed the show would go on as planned regardless of the outcome of sequestration. The show’s producers promised to fill the void with the best private sector acts available and began patching together an all-civilian line-up.

      On Monday morning, Ocean City Air Show officials announced they had secured a signature act with the inking of the Sea Harrier jet, which is the only civilian-owned Harrier jet in the world. The Sea Harrier will now be focal point of the Ocean City Air Show set for June 8-9 over the beach and ocean in the resort. The Sea Harrier is known for its vertical take-offs and landings and can fly over 600 miles per hour, returning the roar of a jet over the resort area during the 2013 event. The Harrier is flown by Art Nalls, a former Marine test pilot and U.S. Naval Academy graduate.

      “Lovers of jets will not be disappointed,” said Lilley. “The Harrier jet is going to get your attention.”

      The Sea Harrier is just one of many civilian acts lined up for the 2013 Ocean City Air Show. The all-star, all-civilian line-up also included ace pilot Chuck Aaron and the Red Bull helicopter. Aaron is the only civilian pilot in the country licensed to fly helicopter aerobatics and will do rolls, back flips and stalls just like airplanes do. The show will also feature aerobatic pilot Mike Wiskus in the Lucas Oil Pitts and the Lucas Oil jump team. The Geico Skytypers and the L-39 jet demonstration team are also listed as performers. Additionally, the Raiders demonstration team, which features four to six Yahkovlev 52 and Nanchang CJ6 aircraft flying in formation, have announced on its website it will be coming to Ocean City for the June event.

      For the 2013 Air Show, general viewing from the beach is free and premium viewing in the drop zone starts at $22 with VIP viewing in the Clubhouse Chalet and VIP Penthouse starting at $109. All premium and VIP viewing includes reserved parking and may be purchased online at


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        We go for the beach like any other trip to OC....airshow is just a very nice addition to a great day on the beach....just need good weather. The show has been very good without the Blue Angels before...hoping for a repeat this year.


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          The weather for the airshow looks a little gloomy according to accuweather .com so far. It is 2 weeks away, but just a question, will the show still go on if it is raining?


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            I suspect most of the show will go on and it will officially be held unless the weather is really bad.However, some acts will be weather dependent. Keep in mind, a weather forcast for OC (or most coastal areas) is pretty questionable even a few days out (sometimes a few hour out!). I wouldn't put any stock in a 2 week forecast.


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              Thanks OCguy, not putting much stock in the forecast. We will be there no matter what. If it rains all weekend that just give me more opportunity to go fishing.