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How to stop smoking on Beach and Boardwalk

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  • How to stop smoking on Beach and Boardwalk

    How do we convince the OC City Council to ban smoking on the beaches and Boardwalk? The health problem are well documented and AGH goes tobacco-free campus 1 May 2013. (see Bayside Gazette, 4 April 2013) Delaware has tobacco free beaches, and even (the Party Town) Dewey looks to be the 5th Delaware beach town to ban tobacco on the beaches. Here is the source.
    In addition to the health issues, one smoking tobacco product on the beach interferes with all within 50 feet as the breeze carries this.
    I have been asking the City Council for over two years to consider, but ...nothing. Maybe 20% of adult population uses tobacco products. That 20% makes it uncomfortable and unhealthy for the remaining 80%. Why is the clear majority held hostage to the 20%.
    My dad taught us kids that our Rights end when they interfere with another's Right.