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  • Review of Wine in the Park

    Decided to check this out after seeing a mention in a thread about this. It is in a great location back at the 125th St. Northside Park. I am still 50/50 on this event though. It cost $25 a person and you get a sheet with 10 coupons on for tastings. I dont even know why they bother with these coupons because none of the wineries even look at them. You also get a nice little wine glass for the tastings. There were only 8 wineries there for this event and 1 brewery, which was separate and you had to pay for the beers. They were only 4 bucks though which isnt too bad for event beers. The wife and I had a good time because it was not crowded at all and we could let the kid down and run around because it was a park so all was good.

    I talked to alot of the vendors and there were alot of complaints from them. Most of them thought that this may be the last year for this event in the summer time. Apparently last year when they did this it was extremely crowded and super hot and there is nothing like trying to drink warm wines on a super hot day. So they said that may have brought the crowds and wineries down this year from participating. There were also complaints that this event is not well advertised, which I agree. If not for this forum I would have never heard anything about this.

    There was supposed to be 4 breweries and more wineries there then what showed up. The vendors said last year there were over 25 wineries. There was also only 1 food stand which also surprised me for and event like this.

    All in all, if you are going to sample everything you can from this limited amount of wineries you may feel like you got your monies worth. The wife and I were just happy to have an open space to let our kid run around and the added bonus of having a few tastes of wine to go with it made it that much enjoyable.

    I am still up in the air if I would do this again. I know that is not real helpful but it would all depend on the situation at that moment. Let m know if you have any questions.

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    I've been to the fall one several times and it never disappointed. I was hopeful that this one would draw nice crowds as well since it was at Northside Park. But perhaps the wineries thought nobody would show up since it was up against the Air Show. Who knows. Maybe it will be earlier next year.
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