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Some of the OC reviews on other sites...

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  • Some of the OC reviews on other sites...

    In anticipation of our upcoming trip to OC for the airshow weekend I have been reading reviews on that other site, ahum, tripadvisor, to see what has gone downhill or improved. I get a laugh out of some of the terrible reviews.
    For instance the one review on Sunset Grill.... The person called to make reservations, and we're told they were not needed. They arrived and were seated and their orders taken. As their food came from one direction, the hostess came from another to ask them to leave because they didn't have reservations. Either the whole thing is made up because they hate Sunset Grill or part of it was made up because they were ignorant and sat themselves.
    And then there is the terrible review of the Sahara Motel. To make a long review short, the woman's kid found a small spider in the bed. That would scare me a little, but not enough to have the child in shock for days and never come back to OC in general as she wrote in her review. Have she ever been camping or in the outdoors? It happens...get over it. Or stay away from OC, and leave more room for me....

    I know alot of reviews are not real, they are just too unbelievable. I wish there was a way to comment on them on tripadvisor.

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    I remember a few years ago, I was looking into some different OC bars, and I found some Yelp reviews of some of my favorite places, and I'm convinced some of the negative reviews were made up and written by competitors. It seemed like nothing had a rating of over three (out of five).

    These review sites are also a little skewed because people are ten times more likely to post a negative experience than a positive one.


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      Some time ago I read an article in a magazine telling about how companies actually hire people to write rave reviews of their business or product & in fact, there are even companies whose sole purpose is to write rave reviews of businesses, for a cost, of course. These aren't companies who go to businesses then do reviews, the reviews are written without the reviewer ever going to the business. So, why couldn't companies hire someone to write bad reviews of the competitors? When I read reviews I tend to ignore the best ones & the worst ones; I read the 2.3. & 4 star ones. Also, I've found that different people expect different things from restaurants & lodging places. At restaurants I'm happy if the area is clean, that hot food is hot, cold food cold & it doesn't taste bad. For lodging, if it's clean I'm a happy camper!