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Bike riding on Assateaque island....

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  • Bike riding on Assateaque island....

    We are planning on bringing our mountain bikes with us in august, and apart from riding on the boards during allowed times, how bike friendly is Assateaque island? I know most of it is paved roads, and I do remember seeing other bikers there before. Had anybody ever rode bikes on the island? Are the bugs bad in august? And if I park on the state park side, could we ride over to the national park side and not pay the 10 dollar vehicle fee? Thanks.

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    There is a separated bike road on the island, as well as a separate bridge across Sinepuxent Bay. Its an excellent place to ride, considering all the ponies that hang out along the path, its flat, and the traffic is slow and attentive. Bring bug spray seriously though.


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      $3 per person for bikes for National. Free on 8/25.


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        I'm pretty sure you can bicycle through the state park free of charge. You can park across the bridge where the fishing docks are and peddle across the pedestiran bridge. The state park has a seperate bike trail through the campground or you can bike through the camping loops. I don't know a lot about the national park but I know you can bike along Bay Berry Drive and there is a seperate bike trail. I think that once you enter the national park, they may charge but I do know there are more place to peddle around in the national park.


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          Wear bug spray. Deer flies like to bite you when your all sweaty stopping to take photos. You go same places as cars, just a closer view, more fun.


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            Thanks for the advice. For 3 bucks per person, we might as well get the 10 buck vehicle pass for the week since we might bike more than once.


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              Assateague is real bike friendly. Definitely bring your bikes.

              There is actually no charge for entry by bike or foot (I think they used to charge, years ago, but no more); the three-dollar charge is for people coming in on buses or taxis. The weekly car charge is now up to 15 bucks:

              When I go to ride, I park over at the Visitor Center (there is no charge for parking there) and ride over the bridge across to the parks. Not only does it save money, but it stretches out the riding a bit (the riding in the park is good, but there isn't a real lot of it.)

              Have fun!


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                The NPS doesn't charge if you enter the park on foot or bike. The $3/person charge only applies if you come in on a bus, taxi or similar.

                What I've done in the past is park at the NPS Visitor Center on the mainland side of the bridge, and ride over to the park. There is no charge for parking there, you get a nice view when you ride over the bridge, and the ponies like to hang out on the road that takes you to the NPS gate, so chances are that you'll see a few of them.


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                  Assateaque island is really bike friendly and there is no charge for bikers.
                  I also park at the free of charge NPS Visitor Center and riding across the bridge provides an awesome view of the ponies.
                  Even as it gets warm, there are countless bugs, flies and gnats and you need a bug repellent. Exception is the ocean loop. I camped at Ocean Loop 2 with nice views of the beach and the ocean and the breeze really carried the bugs away so you stay free of bites. At night though heat and humidity are high due to generator switch off.
                  The grounds are where the bug problem is extreme. Kids are on the receiving end of serious mosquito and bug bites and the best bug spray for babiesis recommendably a natural bug repellent. This is would allow you to frequently apply to clothes and skin without a risk of reactions such as allergies. In fact around September, most ponies go into hiding ostensibly to hide from the bugs.
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