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    Some great colors too...I like the copper.


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      Originally posted by brianpa View Post
      We used corcicles on or trip last week and they worked great. My wife said they were Oprah endorsed. (Ha ha no comment)..
      Now you've done and ruined it for me.

      Anyway ....

      I have one queued up an Amazon but I'm gonna see if I can touch and buy one local over the weekend.


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        Ace Hardware....fully stocked.


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          Picked one up this morning at the local Ace. Played with it a bit in the store and the little plastic slider on the lid seemed to snap tight. But brought it home, put some ice water in it and now the slider seems to have lost all its traction. It just slides open now with a shake of the tumbler. Not sure if we got a lemon or what but I guess this ones going back. Bummer. Seems ideal otherwise but need the slider to hold closed enough to not splash when carried.


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            Yeah 16 oz lid did the same thing. But for the OP, the big end of the Corcicle line has some big ol canisters with screw caps and a nasty matte finish.$$$$$$


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              I returned the Corksicle.

              I then bought a Thermos 16 Ounce Stainless Steel Commuter Bottle from Amazon for $26.


              I'm testing it out now and pretty happy with it. It is actually smaller and skinnier than it appears in the picture. (There are so many bad places to take that sentence ... I'll just let it go. Enjoy in the privacy of your high school minds!)

              I won't know for a few more weeks how it works out on the beach (counting days) but here in the office it works nicely.


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                So to end the suspense ;-) ...

                The new water bottle worked out great. Kept water cold all day. Poured a bottle of water into it in the am and it stayed cold all day or until gone. Also did great for a morning cup of coffee. And even kept a captain and coke cold a time or two. No leaks, easy to open and to drink from. Thumbs up!


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                  Captain and you're talking!