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Head Fishing Boats in Mid November

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  • Head Fishing Boats in Mid November

    Does anyone know when they stop fishing for flounder on the Head Boats?

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    Head boats have a minimum amount of people that they need for a trip before they will go & it's difficult to get that many people after the end of September. So most of them have already started to get the boats ready for winter, or are about ready to leave for a "winter home." It is still possible to catch flounder so you might want to call some of the head boats & see if they still might be going. Here's just the ones I can think of: Bay Bee, Tortuga, Flounder Pounder, Morning Star, Happy Hooker. Google them to get a phone number then give them a call. But I have a feeling it's going to be hard to find one now. And, you probably won't be able to to sure it's going til shortly before it leaves for the trip. You can always fish off the Oceanic Pier, or from the 4th Street bulkhead.