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    No matter where I go, there I am.


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      still here.............


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        I pop in here every once in while
        common sense is not so common


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          Here, every now and then...


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            Me too. Hi :-)
            Pete, Gaithersburg & Ocean City


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              About once per month...


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                Originally posted by pghDave View Post
                Speak for yourself, I am one of the most fascinating people I know! ;-)

                Back in its hey-day this site was ahead of the social media curve. Forums were THE way of communicating on topics and folks thought nothing of going to a sight, logging in and perusing messages -- and even responding.

                Today for many topics the book of face has replaced the forum / message board. It's a little more instantly gratifying and stuff comes to you without really doing anything. Kind of nice for spur of the moment thoughts and off the cuff pictures etc. The Ocean City Cool FaceBook group has a lot of activity -- I don't know who (if anyone) sponsors that or drives the content. I still prefer the forum / message board for interactive discussions and content that needs or deserves to live longer.

                But what do I know, I'm still debating opening a MySpace account! ;-)

                Agree. I am resisting the temptation to open up the can of worms known as Facebook. I do see the advantages of it, but just know way too many people who are addicted to it and spend hours daily on it. I'm a retired music teacher and would love to be able to communicate with the hundreds of former students I've taught, many of who are working professionally.

                BTW. I am new to this forum and have enjoyed it so far. I typed up an introduction, which was on the long side and it never got posted (Mods????). So briefly:

                Love OC and our family has had an oceanfront condo on 29th since the 70's. From the DC area, but college, career and family have me stuck in Ohio (HATE it here). Since retirement, have been spending a lot more time in OC. Beginning to do some major face-lift projects to the condo, was there last week and got some work done.

                Our 2 kids are in love with OC, the wife, not so much. Son passed the OCBP test and will be on the chair (hopefully on our beach) soon. Both are avid surfers; one of my projects was to install surfboard racks in the storage room.

                We definitely have our favorite places to dine and I will put a Dining Guide together soon.

                Looking forward to communicating with everyone here!