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    Just registered here & saw the "site" thread about inactivity, so I thought I'd introduce myself to you good folks and maybe get the ball rolling again.

    Grew up in the DC area (DeMatha HS; Go Stags!), and always loved our day trips to OC. Unfortunately, college and career have kept me in Ohio for many years, but I still consider OC my hometown. I retired 4 years ago and now can spend much more time here.

    Hobbies are music, collecting Rock & Roll and sports memorabilia, and of course, the ocean. Love my Ravens, O's & Terps.

    In 1976, our parents bought an oceanfront condo in mid-town and it's my favorite place to be. My wife and I are currently planning a major "face lift" for the place, as much of it still has Mom's 70's "Brady Bunch Era" decor. Am headed there next week to re-stiock for the season, but unfortunately can't make the Shenanigan's run/bash.

    Our 2 kids are also in love with the ocean. Both did all 5 levels of Jr. Beach Patrol and my son recently passed the OCBP test. College commitments have kept him off of the chair, but he plans on re-taking the test & serving. Our daughter also want to serve, but just committed to play college volleyball, so her summers will be booked. She's majoring in Marine Biology and wants to intern in OC. They're both avid surfers. I'm headed to Malibu's next week to trade up on a new board for her.

    Wife is NOT a beach person! Can't blame her, as she burns easily while I get black. I'm trying to get her "localized", and have had some success introducing her to friends wives so she's not too bored here. I may start a post someday asking for suggestions for help in this dept.

    One concern I have for my hometown are the recent riots on the boards this past July and the general hooligan behavior that needs to be squelched. I do urge all of you to contact the OCPD, Mayor & City Council and urge them to be proactive on preventing another "beach takeover" in the future. The "contact" links for the Town of OC are very effective and I recently got an e-mail from the mayor about a concern.

    And although some will dispute this, the folks sleeping in their cars really are responsible for the vast majority of unacceptable behavior in our town. I'm always up early walking the dog and report them all with usually quick response time. Many lead to drug arrests. All you early risers, let's keep a collective eye on them

    Anyway, looking forward to chatting with you all. Have a few threads I'm going to add on to, especially dining/take out choices.

    Happy spring!