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    Originally posted by Jozo View Post
    SlowRider: I may have to hire you to set up our place on 29th! Just got a goofy bill from comcast and have to call to straighten it out.

    Your attachment was impressive and easy to follow. Question about the MOHU attic device. If you're at The Pyramid (cool building), where do you have it?

    Since we need the internet, it really makes sense to just pay for that and drop comcast for cable. really don't use most of the channels they provide and we're on the basic plan. Just want TWC, ESPN, etc. (yes and FOX News )

    Adding this to the "to-do" list.
    Hi Jozo, I'm always glad to help you out :-) We come out often. I'll be taking some art classes at the Ocean City Arts League. I'd be glad to sit with you over a coffee or a beer (depending on the time) and discuss it.

    Regarding the Pyramid, I was probably not clear - Our primary residence is in Gaithersburg, but we also own an apartment in the Pyramid. I tried the antenna at the Pyramid, but had poor results. The building is solid concrete, our apt is only on the 1st floor, and we're on the North side of the building.

    Now, that said - we should be able to take one of our Tablo paired devices from home, and watch any of our Gaithersburg recorded content and cast it onto our TV at the Pyramid. The Tablo automatically configures your wireless router at home to allow your device to connect in from anywhere. I am still experimenting with this function.

    Based on the FCC site, from the Pyramid we should be able to receive the following...
    Strong Signal WBOC CBS/FOX 16-1
    Strong Signal WMDT ABC 47-1
    Moderate Signal WCPB PBS 28-1
    Moderate Signal WDPB PBS 64-1
    Pete, Gaithersburg & Ocean City


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      Pete: Thanks for the offer. I may send a group e-mail to the unit owners of our building (The Towers on 29th), and see what they do for cable. We are on the 6th floor facing the ocean. I know my neighbor upstairs has some sort of elaborate antennae, but not sure where it is placed.

      I see you live in Gaithersburg. We go there occasionally, my Aunt and Uncle live there on Longdraft, have lived in the same house for over 50 years. I recall going there back in the 60's before the town exploded (think there were more Black Angus than people back then


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        Oh the old days, Jozo! I wish we could go back.... We live in what used to be the Mills' farm, about 3 miles West of Longdraft on Quince Orchard Road - now 400+ track homes. Been here 30 years. At night, we can hear the Angus calling out from the old Prospect Farm at the end of Quince Orchard Road. The farm is already sold to Toll Bros, scheduled to begin in 2018.

        How many total units are in your building?
        Pete, Gaithersburg & Ocean City


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          Originally posted by ocmommom View Post
          I saw they offer they have a "winter rate" that allows you for 5 just pay like 15 and have minimal channels??
          Yes, they called it the "Snowbird" plan. I'm not sure if they still offer that plan. It came with some issues. In October they would drop the price, but sometimes we'd also lose the service. We'd have to call and "remind" them we were on the snowbird.

          I know the Pyramid condo fee includes basic cable, but not internet, for all residents. We pay for the $30 per month for internet separately from the condo association.
          Pete, Gaithersburg & Ocean City