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    Havnt really paid attention to it much, but do they still offer this channel. I remember trying to find it last year but lost interest after awhile. Last time I remember watching it, it seemed like it was nothing but lacrosse games and information on lacrosse in OC. I miss DJ batman and the shows actually going to the restaurants and showcasing the food. Is DJ batman still around even? Was also night that they would highlight nightly events for that evening including happy hours and other musical events.

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    Great question. I don't recall that station being available any more. I used to watch it all the time. However, I can tell you that DJ Batman is still around but gets very few and lesser gigs than he used to. In fact, it is not difficult to get him to DJ private parties now.


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      Resort Video Guide (RVG) or at least some variation of it is still around. At least it was as of last season and I doubt it'll go away.

      IMHO, it's nowhere near as good as it used to be. I suspect people would argue that it's production values have increased and the shows are more in-line with HGTV, the travel channel and all those things. But I preferred the old DJ Batman, the Stallion and some of the other less polished content.

      I guess it's like everything/everywhere anymore ... it's catered to a younger than me clientele! ;-)

      I still thank DJ Batman and the Video Guide for turning me on to BJ's seafood skins ... many years ago.

      DJ Batman is still pretty active but he's getting old too so I think he's way calmer and less busy than he used to be. I think he does weekly deck parties at MR Ducks and some other regular appearances in OC. I remember when he was so wildly popular that he actually did a gig at Donzi's here in Pittsburgh. Never been to a DJ Batman party and every year I say this will be the year. I think I'll try to get to an MR Ducks party ... they sound about my speed.

      Anyway the RVG still has the Candy Kitchen commercials with the traditional jingle. The last few years the Berlin MD jingle has been prevalent and even harder to get out of my head. I watch the RVG a lot when I'm in OC simply because....

      I did find "The Stallion" on the internet. He's down in Florida now running a restaurant with his wife. There was some video content from him but those old shows were great ... and I am NOT a Baltimore sports guy.


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        When we were in OC over Easter weekend we noticed that the Resort Video Guide was missing from the TV lineup. We also enjoyed watching it while there. We weren't in OC last year so I don't know if it was in the TV lineup then or not, it was still there in 2015. We stayed at the Talbot Inn, like staying back at the docks, & DJ Batman was at MR Ducks one night, that was the busiest night of the 4 nights that we were there. In fact, it was extremely busy; the other nights were pretty slow. I forget who the other DJs were who were there, but they sure didn't draw the crowd that DJ Batman did. I also noticed that the crowd at MR Ducks seemed to be a bit older than it used to appear to be. I guess that as he ages so do his followers. I would imagine that the "younger generation" use the internet to get their information on what's happening in OC instead of the TV, so there isn't quite the need for something like Resort Video Guide.
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          Anyone remember the commercials for The HURRRRICANE ? I can still hear that in my head. And the Candy Kitchen song.
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            Originally posted by Z06RL View Post
            Anyone remember the commercials for The HURRRRICANE ? I can still hear that in my head. And the Candy Kitchen song.

            Yeppers! I sure do!


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              The Stallion was a scream; his commercials were so cheesy, you had to watch them.

              Pretty much followed Batman from his start in OC back in the 80's. He used to DJ at the Bayside Pub on 28th st (now Buxy's). We could walk across the street and not have to worry about driving home. Still have a Sting album when he was handing stuff out. He said the first person that brings up a contraceptive gets an album. I had 5 condoms on me, and tried to get 5 albums from him. He said "NADA!"

              Just found a stack of old VIP cards from way back when......Ocean Club, Big Kahuna, Party Block, Scandals, can't think of some of the others, but they certainly brought back memories.


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                Originally posted by Jozo View Post

                Just found a stack of old VIP cards from way back when......Ocean Club, Big Kahuna, Party Block, Scandals, can't think of some of the others, but they certainly brought back memories.
                He also used to DJ Seacrets on Tuesday's and Fager's Island Deck Parties on Monday's back in his heyday! And then Thursday, Friday, Saturday at the Party Block/Big Kahuna, and Sunday's at the Ocean Club MC'ing the best body on the beach contest! I can't remember exactly, but somehow he would fit Scandals and/or the Hurricane in there too!


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                  All of those old commercials were great.


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                    Bingo baby!!


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                        Yeah, the current Channel 8 seems to now be a catch all Delmarva Channel, and doesn't focus solely on Ocean City. During my trips 20 years ago, I'd rarely stray away from the RVG channel, and sit there and watch the old ads, and the features with Batman and The Stallion (who still pops up every now and again).

                        They do still show the Candy Kitchen jingle and the old Ponzetti's add from time to time.

                        The best OC feature is a feature they've been running for about a decade or so now called On the Boardwalk, which is a 10-12 minute feature hosted by Jessica Bridget which highlights many Boardwalk businesses, such as Trimper's, The Kite Loft, Ripley's, Hammerheads, Back Shore, etc etc. For some reason, Channel 8 seems to run it primary later at night.

                        Comcast in Baltimore used to put the On the Boardwalk feature On Demand, and I was able to burn the 2013 and 2014 version onto a DVDR. Oddly enough, Comcast is currently offering the 2014 version.

                        When I was last in OC (Memorial Day), they were still showing last year's version of On the Boardwalk.


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                          Does anyone else remember the public access channel OC used to have? I think it was around Channel 18 or 19. They used to run a lot of OC ads, and there were amateur sketches by a comedy group that called themselves "The Brothers" (around 1996). I also recall seeing an interview and a performance of Boardwalk Elvis singing "Hound Dog."

                          Before the channel went away, they'd sometimes show brief videos on the history of Ocean City. I think they were the same that are shown in the Life Saving Station Museum.


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                            Hooked on OC airs a good amount of clips from their episodes on Youtube pretty regularly. A lot of it is fishing orientated but there's a mix of everything similar to the old resort guide.


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                              Speaking of Ponzetti's, ever wonder why the owner (assume it's him), photo shopped his face several times in the Sunny Day ad?


                              That tune is goofy, but infectious after a while.

                              Anyone remember the fudge ad from the 80's?.............."That's why Grandma always says; "Steele's Fudge is best".