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Senior week??

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  • Senior week??

    Hmmm was in OC last week for 5 days.... wasnt too bad... we are in alot of the Seniors stay more towards the inlet...But we did have a few loud obnoxious ones.... the amount of trash left around was crazty though.. I am sure the alcohol had alot to do with the behaivor.

    we only went to the boardwalk one late afternoon....and left maybe 6;30 or so...and was glad,... Just the language alone was horrible. I am not a prude by anymeans... but ... jeez...

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    Wait until the "college beach takeover". That riot is already being planned again for this year. Hopefully OC LEO will be ready.

    I was going to start a separate thread about this, but this one will work. I strongly urge all locals, if you are up early walking, etc., and see individuals sleeping in their cars, please report this to OCPD immediately. This is illegal, and often leads to a drug bust. An overwhelming majority of the losers that cause problems here don't bother, or can't afford lodging, so they find a nice quiet side street, sleep there, urinate/defecate when and where it's convenient, and when they're done, leave a mountain of trash, dirty diapers, etc. I walk the dog early every morning back behind Jolly Roger and the condos there are frequently used for this purpose. A couple of weeks ago, cops were rousting 4 guys out of a car and they looked like total thugs.

    People that come here & spend the night street side are exactly the kind of visitors we don't want here.


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      college beach takeover

      when is this? we have a condo and visit once a month... thanks.


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        Originally posted by ocmommom View Post
        when is this? we have a condo and visit once a month... thanks.

        Check out these 2 websites for more info:


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          I think OC was caught a little off guard last July when "College Beach Weekend" occurred. I think the OCPD, possibly with some extra State Troopers, will be ready this summer.