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OSV (over sand vehicles) on Assateague

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  • OSV (over sand vehicles) on Assateague

    Who has done this?

    We have a 4x4 suburban but it's not set up as an off road vehicle by any stretch.

    Sounds kind of nice ... let the air out of the tires, drive to a quiet spot, spend some time, reinflate and head to the Harborside.

    Of course there's the other scenario that involves calling a tow truck, damaging our truck in some way and not getting to the Harborside much less back to Pittsburgh.

    In the world of over-sanding how is Assateague and which scenario is most likely?

    Should I just be happy carrying my chair down to the beach and forgetting all about this?

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    My wife and I have always had a Jeep Wrangler and checked into this a long time ago. To get the permit, you need to have a bunch of stuff on board, shovel, jack, cable, etc. It's all on the link. I thought I saw a winch on the list when we last checked, but it's not on there now. I think it would be a lot of fun, so it's on our bucket list.

    What's really funny is Jeep Weekend in OC. The vast majority of Jeep owners know how to drive in the sand, but invariably, there are a few newbies that get stuck as soon as they hit the sand. They go right by our condo on 29th st. and I was having a good time last year watching them ask for help.


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      Carry your stuff, it's no fun digging out a big SUV.


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        We do this all the time. Do not attempt to go onto the beach without releasing at least Half the air in your tires...if your tires take 32lbs put them down to 12-15lbs if you have higher pressure tires ( mine require 80 pounds) put them lower, I lower mine to 20 lbs. Not too many people run bias ply tires now days but if you do I would not recommend off-roading the beach. Bias ply tires may get you through, or the narrow profile may just get you stuck. And yep, stuck on the beach is NOT FUN and usually expensive. If you get stuck in the surf line, you have an even chance of losing your vehicle outright...seen it happen MANY times. Stay OFF the wet sand. It is solid to drive on ..for the most part but if you should drive into a hole created by kids playing in the sand ( you CANNOT see them before your into it). You will be screwed and up against the tide to save your vehicle. Stay up on the ledge on dry sand. You should have a 12"x12" piece of plywood to place your jack on, plus a tow strap sufficient to pull your vehicle plus a shovel (and of course a jack). Additional things very handy to have but not required are two or four sections of 2x12 plank approx 3' long to use as runways if you get stuck...they will save you alot of digging. The permit is expensive I think $150 this year although it is good all year. You can get a day pass or an overnight pass ( I don't know how much the overnight is..maybe $175). As long as you are not sleeping in your vehicle a day pass should be fine. They will not kick you off if you are awake and fishing with a day pass at midnite...go to sleep and they will escort you off the beach. When you are driving on the beach you will find it easiest to travel in the "ruts". There will be a couple rows of them down the beach, pick one and stay on it until you have reached your spot. A steady pedal is the way to go...don't try to speed up too fast .or go too slow. ENJOY!