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How has "Pay by Plate" been going?

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  • How has "Pay by Plate" been going?

    Reaction to pay-by-plate, especially in the Inlet lot? Have there been long lines as kiosks?

    Not really a fan of them. Have had them in Harrisburg for a few years - still a wait at them because some people are still unfamiliar with how they work. And kinda feel impelled to stay as long as initially intended, or "eat" what you don't use. But I digress.

    Other question, how does it work for grandparents without a smart phone or a bank card?

    ​​​​​​Just curious to hear how the new system has been working.

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    I still don't understand it.
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      I had to park at the inlet for a few hours before my check-in time.I thought it was pretty simple and easy but,I use similar things at work a lot,none exactly like these but very similar. I can see it being a problem for some folks though.A 2 hour wait to leave the lot after the fireworks means a extra 2 hours you (I assume ) have to pay for,remember (I assume )


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        I read the report presented to the council on the system. The public works department seems happy with the system, and complaints they are receiving about parking are down from past years.However, note that the public works department does not handle tickets and violations and associated complaints. Overall, the town seems happy with the system.

        I used it and found it fairly straightaway if you had used these types of things before. However, I can see how people who have not used these types of systems before might have some trouble with the system. I strongly recommend the app over the kiosk.
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          Ocguy,the worst time I had with it is simply trying to see the instructions on the screen,i know this sounds petty but,to the some folks it very well could be a handicap,all the money spent on these they could at least put some kind of roof over it.If its raining,and someone goes to get into their purse things ate going to get wet....jus sayin..


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            I used it for the first time and had to get someone in the line that had used it in the past to help me out. Not friendly, I would rather pay as I leave. Line is long due to people not knowing hoe to use and not knowing there tag numbers. Go back to old system, it just a mater of time before security issue start appearing.


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              You should be using the Parkmobile app.