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OC mentioned in this Kavanaugh fiasco

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  • OC mentioned in this Kavanaugh fiasco

    Even our great town can't escape this sham.

    I was at a few of these and am 100% sure I saw him jaywalking.

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    Jozo #metoo


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      I'm pretty sure I heard he left right from the hearing to OC for H2Oi.

      CNN claims to have video of him shimmying under the median barrier near Seacrets.


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        And I bet he did a burnout in his BMW!


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          Well his buddy must have calmed down a little. Must have abandoned the wild OC life. Apparently he is hiding out in Bethany Beach.


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            Lower Slower Delaware


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              Inside Edition (or one of those Hollywood talk shows) was in Ocean City yesterday doing a story on Senior Week, trying to relate it to Kavanaugh. They tried to get a spokesperson from the town for an interview, but the town didn't want to be involved.

              From my understanding though, things are a lot less crazy in OC for Senior Week now than they were in the past, thanks to Play It Safe and an increased police presence during that time. I wasn't around for beach week in the '80s, so I can't personally confirm or deny this, lol.


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                Oh sure. Things haven't changed one single bit in 40 years!! lol The media is filled with idiots. I don't believe half of what I see, and less of what I read, and even less of what I hear.
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