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    We headed down to OC on Wednesday just to get out of the rain and feel warm again for a few days before the snow begins to fly. Fairly easy trip down to the shore but quite a bit of construction on 70 and 50, and construction on the Bay Bridge meant we had to cross on the west span which unnerved me a bit. And already knowing about the construction on 90 into OC, we opted to take 50 all the way in. Since it was lunch time, we turned down Stephen Decatur Hwy. to Joes Shrimp Boat for lunch. I love this place. It's everything that a seaside seafood joint should be. Looks like an old shack inside and out (only CLEAN) paper on the tables, and a sink with towels and soap in the middle of the room. We could dine in or out, we opted for in. Hubby ordered a pound of shrimp with Old Bay, and I ordered the lobster roll and fries. If you've never been here before, they steam and serve the shrimp HEADS ON, so you have to be prepared for 100 tiny black eyes looking at you when they're served. But just pop off the heads, peel all the little legs off and enjoy!! Super moist and very tasty. As for my lobster was lobster!! HUGE pieces of delicious lobster overflowing from their grilled roll which was almost like a really thick Texas toast, buttered, and grilled. Not much was added to the lobster in the way of spices. It was pretty much lobster, a few bits of celery, and whatever the binding sauce was which was very mild and didn't take away from the taste of the lobster. Pricey, but worth it. Fries were fresh cut with skins on and also very good and not greasy.
    After lunch, we decided to head to the Convention Center to pick up our passes for the car show and check things out. This was our first time at the fall show and while I knew it was smaller than the spring one, neither of us was prepared for how much smaller. Not as many people or cars, but the cars that were there were much nicer. Maybe these people don't enjoy the madness of May and only bring their babies out for smaller shows where there's less chance of damage. So we checked out what cars that were there, ran into some friends and visited for a bit, then headed up Coastal to 77th St. and parked. Took off our shoes and socks, grabbed the chairs and umbrella and hit the beach for the afternoon before checking into our hotel.
    I was surprised to find a southern view room at the Holiday Inn Suites on 18th St on the boards for $98 a night, and when we arrived, they upgraded us to ocean front!! WIN WIN!! 10th floor! We've stayed at this hotel many times before over all the years it's been there, and were pleased again with the room and cleanliness. But this hotel is starting to show its age and wear. Small things like broken screen to the balcony, patio furniture needs painted or replaced, a missing drawer pull, bits of mold or mildew here and there, and a tub that just won't come clean any more. But the room was clean and always a large suite, so we were quite comfortable.
    When dinner rolled around, we opted for a drive up to Selbyville to the Lobster Shanty. We picked the right night for sure. It was Surf and Turf night and we each had an 8 oz. NY strip steak and lobster tail, garlic mashed red potatoes, asparagus, and their wonderful fresh made WARM rolls. Normally $36, that night it was on special for $22!! That's a fantastic savings! We enjoyed our meal, our fantastic seats at the windows where we watched the egrets wading in the marsh and the ducks floating around. Wasn't quite sunset so we didn't get that view unfortunately.
    By then we were both pretty ready to go back to the hotel for the evening and just take a walk down the boards. Of course, everything was closed up for the night by 7, so even though we were looking for a place to grab dessert, we didn't find a thing. I did manage to trip over a raised board and nearly broke my neck! Good thing hubby was there to keep me from falling.
    Thursday morning we were awakened at 7:30 a.m. by the sound of the motors driving down the boardwalk for the parade, so we grabbed our sunglasses and enjoyed the parade. Beautiful sunny morning andl lots of chrome and shiny paint. The parade was a good hour, hour and a half long. Nobody was gunning their engines, nobody was doing burnouts. Pretty uneventful, which is good.
    We went next door to Malia's Cafe at the Spinnaker for breakfast. This place is so charming. Very well maintained and so beachy inside and out. We opted for indoor seating. Very nice wait staff, friendly and smiling. Hubby enjoyed his two over easy eggs, hash browns, toast, pork sausage, and slice of watermelon (kind of hard to screw that up) and I had the creamed chip beef on toast and slice of watermelon. I've had a lot of "shit on a shingle" in my 66 years, but this was some of the best I've had. THREE full slices of grilled Texas toast smothered in chipped beef and gravy and so good. We both left full.
    From there we headed back to the Convention Center to check out more cars and the custom car show inside. There were some real treats inside. Everything from perfectly restored 57 Chevy's to odd and bizarre rat rods. A lot of money in there!!! Came out and checked out the rides in the parking lot for another hour or so, and then headed up to Fenwick to the Country Store (for me). Then back down to the inlet and boardwalk . We always turn back at the CVS on 17th or 18th St. to St. Louis and drive down to find free parking along the street. Well, we didn't see it until it was too late, but between 3rd and 4th St., there is a MASSIVE speed bump and we both flew out of our seats. No, we weren't going fast., it's just that big! So glad we didn't have the Corvette because it would have destroyed the front end of it. Anyway, found a place at 1st St, and walked to the boards. Grabbed a box of Fisher's to enjoy while walking, Wandered through the inlet vendors and cars, and then stopped at the Purple Moose for a beer and a drink just to cool down. It was 85*!! In October at the beach!! Back to the hotel for showers and a change of clothes before heading to Embers for Senior Citizen buffets. lol Thank goodness I had called ahead for reservations because the wait times were 45 minutes. We got glares from people waiting when we got called to be seated before they were. But the buffet was very good as always. Crabs were excellent. Hubby enjoyed his mussels, crabs, and prime rib. After dinner we drove over the bay to the outlets, but by now, my poor feet were littered with blisters and I didn't feel like walking too much. So back to the hotel for the night and some Thursday night football before sleep.
    Friday morning started the same way as Thursday, with the cars parading down the boards. Cloudy morning and much cooler than the morning before, but still nice, and the parade was close to two hours long. What I DO like about this particular show is that there is no restriction on years of cars like in May. So you'll see new Challengers mixed in with old ones. It was a good mix. We just hung around the hotel until check out time, then stopped at Popeye's on 50 on the way out of town for lunch, then headed up to our daughter's close to DC.
    Worst thing about the trip was the traffic and construction all along the route. Was a nightmare. But we made it home in one piece and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. Perfect weather, empty beach, and lots of good food!
    Already looking forward to our next trip.

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    Glad to hear you had a great time in OC.
    common sense is not so common


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      Thanks for sharing what sounds like a very nice trip with us.


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        Really nice summary of your trip. Will have to try some of those places, as I'm heading east soon.

        Am real familiar with that speed bump. St. Louis Ave. is a well kept secret for avoiding heavy traffic if you're inbound on 50. You just take the first three right hand turns, go under the bridge and it takes you at least to 16th St. (you can pick up some Tylenol at the CVS there for any hangovers)

        There also seems to be some free parking there around the water tower and Lazy Lizard.