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St. Patty's Day! Roll Call.......who's in?

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  • St. Patty's Day! Roll Call.......who's in?

    Heading east next week to open up the condo. Also, weather permitting, will do the St. Patrick's Day 5K run on Saturday the 16th. Also other stuff going on, Seacrets, etc. Happy Hour at Mother's can't come soon enough!!!!!!!!!

    Be great to get a few forum members together; if you don't run, I am power walking the 5K, as I'm sure other folks will be doing.

    Hoping the weather cooperates.

    Who's in??

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    My wife is having elbow surgery on 3/11. If she feels up for it, we'll make the trip but I'm not planning on it. We're heading down in about an hour though. We'll definitely be down the weekend of 3/23.


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      Not us. Nearly 7 hours driving over PA mountains in the winter is not something we enjoy. Won't even be able to make it down for Cruise In in May. Our grandson's first communion is that weekend. So we're not sure when we'll get down.
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        I'll be at the parade in Cleveland the 17th. It's always on the 17th no matter what day it is. It's a big deal 10,000 participants marching. The last time the parade was on a weekend the official crowd estimate was between 500,000-600,000 people. The NCAA wresting championship will be taken place at the same time at the arena, that's another 30,000.
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