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    Everytime I come here, (multiple times a day) there is always a lot of guest here....Hey guys join us,we need some new OC Loving people here.

    Dont hesitate!

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    Agreed. The more people the merrier.
    common sense is not so common


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      Definitely join! No obligation!
      Ask an OC Insider


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        Ditto! I really enjoy this forum and most of the posters, but not much action here. My St. Patrick's Day thread went over like a lead balloon, just generating a few weekend itineraries.

        I think this issue was discussed before and we attributed the lack of posting here to social media like Facebook, etc. My wife keeps urging me to do Facebook, but I'm still resisting opening up that can of worms. Too busy, even in retirement. And I know too many people that waste half their day on FB. One in particular, a fellow former teacher that has over 600 contacts and constantly on his phone. Annoying.

        I would like to keep in touch with former students, though. Whenever I run into them, the first question they ask is "why aren't you on Facebook??", as they want to keep in touch.

        Back to the topic, I don't know how to generate more interest in this forum; maybe Kristin has ideas. Those of you that own condos in OC might want to tell your neighbors. There are 44 units in our building, maybe I'll start spreading the word.


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          How about a chat room here?


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            It used to be a very busy forum, several postings daily, not much anymore. I check in daily, but nothing new for weeks, even months. Jozo, my husband is not interested in FB either, I do it enough for both of us, hahaha. I look at the beach cams every day and count down to vacation (today it is 100 days til vaca).