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    I scrolled through the O.C. ordinances and the only thing that was stated was that "no dogs on the beach", and all dogs must be leashed when walking in O.C. We will be vacationing in O.C. the last week of August.

    Your help will be very much appreciated. Thanks! [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_confused.gif[/img]

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    Dogs In OC

    Dogs are not allowed on the Boardwalk, after the season begins, until Sept. 30. There is a "pooper scooper law" in OC meaning you must pick up the waste and dispose of it properly when your dog goes to the bathroom regardless of where they go. That means even if your dog goes in the sand, you still must pick it up.
    Double check with the Chamber of Commerce about the Boardwalk but I am pretty sure that is correct. My friend lives down there and she always tells me that because she brings her dog on the "boards" off-season.

    Hope this helps! [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_smile.gif[/img]


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      dogs on boardwalk

      You are correct. No dogs on boardwalk until Sept. 30. There is a new doggie hotel in west OC just off rte 50 and for an days outing I believe there is still a dogs allowed beach at the Assateague National Seashore about 20 minutes away.


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        Dogs on Boardwalk

        Why must you bring your dog on the boardwalk anyway? I say leave Fido at home.


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          bringing a dog and why.

          Unless you are a dog-lover, I can understand why you would ask this question. My answer is...
          Our dog is just like a family member to us. Our family loves animals, so much in fact that our eldest daughter is in vet. school. [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_frown.gif[/img]


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            I am a dog-lover too but sandycheeks has a point.

            Dogs are not allowed into any establishments on the Boards, not even the restrooms. People are not allowed to leave them tied to anything when they go into a business. Its illegal.

            People think that their pets will enjoy walking the boards with them but sometimes its not a good idea because:

            -The Boardwalk is wall-to-wall people in the summer and a pet could get stepped on or be burned with someone's hot cigarette.

            -Some people like to do more exercising when they are on vacation. Its like the "weekend warrior" syndrome. They sit at a desk 8 hrs. a day, 5 days a week and then try to get all their excercising in on the weekend and they usully become hurt or sore. The same goes for the dog. It may only get a 5 or 10 minute walk usually or perhaps just let out the backdoor to pee. So making a less active dog walk the Boards (3 1/2 miles in length) might do more harm then good.

            -There is no shade on the Boardwalk. The dog will get overheated in the hot weather.

            -One thing I witnessed myself....An owner letting its dog make a poop right on the Boards and simply walking away!

            I love my dogs and they are my family too but they would probably be much happier taking a walk with the family for a few blocks down a side street.

            Just stating some facts.....


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              I absolutely agree with you, dogs should not be allowed on beaches, certain establishments, eateries, hot boardwalks etc. But, this doesn't not mean I should not take my dog on vacation with us. My dog will stay comfortably in our timeshare condo if and when we decide to go out. He will be walked regularly and we will clean up after him. To leave my dog home with no one to watch him or to board him in the horrendous boarding kennels which are on L.I. I think you will agree is truely cruel. Many of the boarding kennels have been fined or shut down for animal cruelty. [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_frown.gif[/img]


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                I don't think the previous poster was saying that you should leave your dog at home. I think it was meant to mean back at your rental not your home.


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                  Dogs allowed on Boardwalk

                  We just arrived home from a wonderful stay in O.C.. I am truly glad we purchased a timeshare there. As far as "no dogs allowed on the boardwalk" My husband and I saw quite a few large dogs walking with their owners. These dogs were not "specialty dogs" either. We left our 7 pound dog at our condo. There were many times we were tempted to put him in a soft carrier and take him with us, but we didn't. Another thing we witnessed was people walked their dogs and didn't pick up after them. What a shame, in our area we had to watch where we walked on the concrete side-walks. I do wish the timeshare condos would insist that people who bring their animals to O.C. CLEAN UP AFTER THEM!!!!!
                  Thanks for letting me blow off some steam.
                  [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_rolleyes.gif[/img] [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_mad.gif[/img]


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                    Call the chamber of commerce, the mayor, and city council and complain about the dog poop on boardwalk.

                    The mayor and city council instituted that law and they should be informed about it not being enforced.

                    I too have narrowly missed stepping in it on the Boards too!

                    I had called the OCPD on 2 occassions when I witnessed people letting their dogs poop right in front of the sign that says clean up after your dog. It was right on the beach access path! How rude!

                    I'm glad you had a nice stay!


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                      Dogs on the boards

                      We bring our dog with us on vacation every October, and yes, we take him on the boardwalk. He enjoys people watching as much as we do. I do not allow my dog to "do his business" on the boards, and I do clean up after him. I have been known to clean up after other dogs whose owners are apparently too ignorant to do it themselves.

                      Nothing irritates me more than an owner who doesn't take responsiblity for their pets. It's not that difficult to be a good dog owner. Take a supply of plastic grocery bags and cheap sandwich bags with you. There are plenty of trash receptacles available.

                      So please, don't lump all dog owners together. Some of us do care about those around us and try to make sure our animals aren't a nuisance to others.


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                        Dogs on the Boardwalk

                        I wish more people like you come to visit O.C.- believe me when I say, it was a messy stay for us. It's people that don't clean up after their pets that make it impossible for us to bring our dogs anywhere. I saw people bringing their dog's on the beach and letting them do their business in the sand without picking up after them.

                        My dog is only 8lbs. and is easy to clean up after, but some of the dogs are quite big and these are the one's that were running around on the boardwalk and beach. It's a shame.

                        Once again....thanks for letting me blow off steam.

                        ...Anne [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_wink.gif[/img] [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_mad.gif[/img] [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_smile.gif[/img]


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                          Originally posted by sandycheeks:
                          Why must you bring your dog on the boardwalk anyway? I say leave Fido at home.
                          I wish people woould leave their stupid kids at home!