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    I am furious with this city of yours which i have never even visited. My girlfriend is in ocean city this week and has been coerced into her flashing a guy with a camera. she is a minor and her friends and her went into a shop. The guy said they could have a free shirt if they flashed for the camera, all the other girls wanted to but she tried to walk out twice and the guy and the girls kept making her come back. Finally one girl dragged her back. She finally gave in, and she called me as soon as she got back crying, worried that she was going to be all over the internet now. As far as i am concerned she said No and we tell our girls they can say no and it should be no difference in this case. She is a minor so it is child pornography, but when she reports it to the cops they said they couldn't (which in police terms means won't) do anything about it. I am furious and I will be pressing this matter with your police department. I don't know how you run things in ocean city, MD but here in maine we don't allow child pornography. My question for you is, if this guy doesn't ask for ID when forcing girls to flash him, how many minors does he stare at on his computer late at night, how young do they get?

    - Pissed off in Maine

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    Ok.. no one cares, **** happens, take it up with the police. Threads aren’t for talking about how some girl is a dumbass and flashes some guy with a camera when all she had to do was leave. Go home.


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      This is not a good thing by any means and might end up where she doesn't want it to end up.

      Are you this girl's boyfriend and how old is under-aged. If she was old enough to go to OC by herself w/o parents then she should have been old enough to know better not to do stuff like that.

      If she didn't want to "flash" anyone then she should have left. Even if her friends were trying to persuade her unless she was held against her will and kept there, or someone else lifted her shirt up, other than that, then she is responsible for her own actions. Peer pressure is BULL! You don't have enough common sense if you give in to peer pressure. Walk away!

      This is how all of those "Girls gone Wild" videos are made!

      This should be pursued with the town, the police, and the mayor(he's running for office, good time to bring up problems).

      I'm not saying that this is your girlfriend's fault and none of us really knows what happened because we weren't there but I'm really upset that she was hurt by this.

      I look at things from a criminal law point of view because that is what I am educated in. I hope these girls realized what they did was STUPID and DANGEROUS. They could have been raped or killed.

      If these girls "force" their friend to do things she doesn't want to do, then she needs to find NEW friends.

      What has happened to the morals in our society?!
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        Yea, if someone doesn't wanna do something, they won't do it. Obviosly her friends have alot of say in what she does, which could just be a problem for things to come later in life. But you can't blame Ocean City or its people. The fault still lies in the hands of your friend and her peers. Sorry, but it's the truth. And sure, she called you crying afterwards, but still, it's the old, here's poisoned can drink it if you want, but no one's making you drink it; they're only suggesting. [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_wink.gif[/img] -Gibson [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_mad.gif[/img]


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          I think you need to find another place to whine. Your friend is quite old enough to know better and the town should not be blamed for your friend's stupidity. She should have reported this incident to the police immediately. Maybe you should just stay up in Maine.


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            Come On, you can't be serious

            Be serious. Your problem isn't with OC, its with your girlfriend, who you think you know. You think to yourself, "My girl would never do something like that, she had to be forced. I'm taking legal action!" Well you know what dude, she did do something like that and no one "forced" her. She could have left at anytime. If she isn't mature enough to make decisions on her own then she should stick to going to OC with mommy and daddy and her all- knowing boyfriend who, of course, has never done something stupid him self.

            These people who go to OC and do stupid things and are too immature to take responsibility for their own actions so they place the blame on someone [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_mad.gif[/img] else; these are the types of people that give the younger group of OC beach goers a bad name. Suck it up, buddy. Its not the town's fault your girlfriend was dumb.....Guess what..IT WAS HER FAULT!


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              Gullible Members

              It looks to me as if the originator is pulling a fast one. Perhaps for the benefit of OC but more likly for this web site.

              What are the odds that this happened in the first place? What are the odds that the boyfriend would even think about coming to ANY public forum to post a rant about it? Wouldn't we have heard about it in the media? I live a few miles a way and I hadn't heard a thing.

              If the girlfriend is a minor wouldn't the odds be high that the boyfriend is a minor as well? If his profile is accurate he is 20. If the profile is accurate, what is he doing with a minor girlfriend in the first place? That brings up several other issues but if he is actually a minor then would you expect this to come from a 17 or younger male? But first and foremost.

              Why wasn't he in OC with her?

              Craig Foster
              Cauzway Design


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                While I am sure the majority of users understand your concern for your girlfriend and the protection of that image, you can't blame this state or even Ocean City. You cannot make that generalization. Yes, Maine and the rest of America had child pornography laws, and it was your g/f's choice to flash, whether against her will and regretting it now or not. This could easily have happened anywhere at anytime. I just want to make that clear, and to bring it up with the police, I seriously doubt you'll have a case to be honest. ID is not required to show anything in an outdoor public place, just as you could walk out without a shirt and no one would "card" you. Sometimes people are just rude jerks (among other words) and making a generalization based on what happened is not appropriate or welcome. I hope you understand that.


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                  Ok.....This is not a good thing that happened to you but do you perhaps think that it isn't Ocean City you should be ranting on? This situation happens alot of places. Some girls need encouragement and some don't...heck it even happens here in Florida at Disney Worlds Splash (nicknamed "Flash") Mountain.

                  I have been coming to Ocean City my entire life and I'm 24 years of age now. I've spent numerous summers and winters at this fine beach and have a lifetime of happy memories to take with me.

                  It sounds like your girlfriend should have either picked better friends to hang out with or brought you with her.