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    Seems many share the same concerns

    From the recent posts seems to me some people have seen the same reasons for concern about the future of OC.

    For the most part OC is merely 3-4 blocks wide giving more people a place to stay, to live, to eat and to play requires more space. Some see that as not
    much of a problem others don't agree.

    As a town with any size, most have a master plan. A plan to cover the acceptable growth, the future plans for developement, the limit of the area
    to support.

    What is OC's master plan??? Do they have one???

    If you can not longer find space to the east or west you have just one choice, the same choice every city and developed area finds. UP

    With the recent upward growth of buildings in the OC area this solution is already being used.

    What will the limit be in height??? 2 stories????? 4 stories?????UNLIMITED?

    Reading the letters from year round residents who call OC home they are less then happy about the direction being taken.

    What would the arguement for developement be???? Every area at one
    point in time will limit the growth allowed to protect that area. In some cases they should have but failed and now suffer the consequences.

    Minimum lot sizes, height limits, square footage limits, all ways of slowing or halting growth.

    4 blocks wide and no limits in sight. Not a workable plan...... Or no plan at all.


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      Sorry, but yes the Bonfire is on the slate for demolition. The Hobbit will also be going, but will be rebuilt into another high rise condo on the same spot. They are also building a walkway across Coastal Highway from the old Sheraton Fontainbleu to a new parking garage across the street on the bay. Too many changes if you ask me. Not all good.
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        First of all, there will NOT be a skywalk from the Clarion parking lot on the west side of Coastal Highway to the hotel building on the east side of Coastal Highway. Even though that would have been the safest way to cross Coastal Highway and would have been trend-setting and forward-thinking, the City Council turned it down months ago (so much for acurate information).
        Second of all, the only reason there is so much building occurring in Ocean City is because there is so much demand for places to stay, buy & rent. Too many people from the Western Shore, PA, NY & NJ are looking for summer getaways, interest rates are down and whether you want to believe it or not, there is still a good value to buying at the beach.
        Many locals are upset with the building that's being done - most of them are retired senior citizens who would like to close the bridges and have all of the amenities and services and facilties that Ocean City has to offer all to themselves.
        They don't seem to realize that the ONLY reason Ocean City can offer all that it does at the VERY low tax rates that it has, is because of the tourists and visitors.
        Those of us who live here thank you all for vacationing with us. Most of us love it here and appreciate everything we have from the clean, wide, free beaches to the low crime rates, to Assateague Island, Historic Berlin, Delmarva Shorebirds, unique shopping & dining, etc., etc., etc.


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          I agree with you Renee. If my community had tons of visitors each and every day, we would also enjoy many nice amenities.
          And you are correct too about the senior citizens, some of your officials have already voiced concerns about how they are going to deal with a growing older population and not enough services (free of course) to care for them.


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            I didn't know that the skyway was turned down, The info was from an OC newspaper in June. Glad to hear that they turned it down, though. It would have made the skyline look worse. Glad the politicians have some sense afterall.
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              I guess I would wonder if the future of Ocean City will be impacted by the news this week of the arrest of those people taping the Bay Bridge. Gives me the shivers just to think about all the people that have to cross that bridge every day now, has to weigh on their minds. I'm not sure when I want to cross that bridge again, even if it means not going to Ocean City.


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                Bay Bridge News Story

                OK, I have to ask about this story of people arrested for taping the Bay Bridge.

                We got like 10 seconds coverage here so I don't know much about it. However I have to think that people tape the Bay Bridge all the time and take pictures. It is a pretty spectacular sight.


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                  The authorities get nervous when the person taping is on the FBI terror watch list. I got the information from WBOC and WMDT as well as other beach message boards. It wasn't reported in my part of PA, even though it seems all of PA leaves in the summer to go to Ocean City.


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                    That's pretty scary stuff...especially since we're leaving for OC next weekend!! I didn't hear anything about it.


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                      If you are interested, you can see the articles on this website:
                      Like I said, if I hadn't heard about this first on other message boards, then visited their news internet sites, I wouldn't have heard anything about it either.


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                        Just got back from my last full week in OC this year (some smaller trips planned for later) and I have just one question........with ALL the new construction going on (and there is just too much to count) does anyone besides me see a problem with the number of people and the size of the beach??? In theory someone who says that there are x number miles of beach in OC that should be able to accomodate more people. But there are so many days that the beach is packed now, and with all the new people coming in with the new construction, there will obviously be less beach , and less clean beach available. There were no small condos being built. Every one had at least four floors, most had eight to ten, and some were a couple blocks long. Unreal. Can't you just see how long of a wait you're going to have waiting for a seat at a restaurant in the future? I really am beginning to see all this "growth" as a future problem. Between the people who live there year round, the students and kids who work there during the year, and the vacationers, that's a LOT of people. Hope they're ready for it.
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                          The politicians are working on it.....

                          I returned Friday from my last trip to Ocean City and each time I visit the changes are more noticable.

                          From articles in the local papers seems the politicians are making noise that they will address the issue sometime, someway, somewhere. But nothing as of yet.

                          Your point about the beach holds true for all the physical properties of Ocean City. Along with the beach, the roadways, water and sewer systems and the municipal services all will be forced to their limits if this unending developement is allowed to continue. Police, fire, emergency services, etc.

                          On my recent visit the area around 45th street is being demolished all the shops will be gone very soon.

                          The Ocean Club is holding it's last party today and is scheduled to be replaced by something badly needed in OC more condos.

                          You see and hear all day the sounds of construction and building and each trip the buildings get taller and taller.

                          Soon you will have a manmade concrete canyon along the Coastal Highway.

                          With no views other then the sight of numerous condos and muti-unit residences.

                          Coastal Highway, now this will give you some idea of the level of planning and decision making the powers to be possess.

                          Due to the traffic problems and speeding vehicles along the Coastal Highway the local politicians after long deliberation have come up with the idea of changing the name of the roadway to encourage people to slow down.

                          Perhaps Coastal Lane, Coastal Trail, or Coastal Road.

                          Moving along a 60 mph most drivers don't even know the name of the road now.

                          Seems the developement problem is the source of the traffic problem but the community leaders think a name change will solve the problem. More condos more traffic seems fairly simple but not to those running the show down there.

                          Hopefully they can come up with a better idea to control the uncontrolled developement. Not likely they are still discussing how to proceed.

                          Once the horse is out of the barn it will be to late and that time is approaching fast.

                          I'd rather get a view of the ocean or bay not a condo.

                          But seems those in power have no reason to consider the potential damage being done to Ocean City.

                          Still waiting to address the issue someday, somewhere, somehow.


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                            You can have a positive attitude or a negative one.

                            I choose positive. The city is attempting to improve OC and the infrastructure. Nothing stays the same, ever. Everyone always thinks of the "good old days". Which were never as good as we remember (or think we do).

                            I still love OC. There has always been development. I'm sure people 30 years ago, thought the place was being "ruined" with those condos, etc. But, it's brought a lot of revenue in and there will always be constant turnover in businesses. That's called capitalism.

                            I for one, love the fact I can go to OC and not think twice about walking at night on the boardwalk, walking into any restaurant, and enjoy the whole town, without a "bad" area like most towns/cities have. I was just there in Mid-Aug and had a great time.

                            OC will never be what it was 30 years ago and it won't be what it is now in 30 more years. Let's see the glass half-full. OC is a great family vacation spot and will continue to be if progress is allowed.

                            Don't be so cynical.


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                              Casinos are not the way to go

                              Casinos take away discretionary spending from other business and increase crime. They want you to go into a casino and not leave. Look at Atlantic City, any decent bar or restaurant that had existed 10-15 years ago is now gone. They cant compete with free drinks and cheap buffets which the casinos offer to keep patrons at the gaming tables. So if you want to have a pawn shop on every corner, increased crime and increases in homeless people, as well as many local businesses to fail....bring gambling to O.C!!


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                                I most definitely don't agree with gambling. I also don't agree with the lottery which is just another form of gambling. Maryland is looking for a quick fix to their economic problems with casinos. Not the right answer.

                                The lottery and gambling usually end up being played by the people who can least afford it and think they can become wealthy overnight.

                                I say no to casinos and gambling in OC, but have no problem with other improvements to the city.