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  • Ocean City's Future

    As a visitor to Ocean City for over 20 years it is impossible to miss the changes taking place to my favorite home away from home.

    This past weekend the skyline along the coastal highway is getting filled with the familiar outline of yet another money making condo complex. Soon the drive will feel like a ride along a 5-6 story corridor of cookie cutter buildings which replace the variety which once was Ocean City.

    At 59th street on the bay people are willing to pay large amounts of cash to live behind 7-Eleven, just where will this overdevelopement stop.

    Now the last straw the fight to bring gambling to O.C. After keeping track of O.C. during the year seems to me the area already has it's share of new and growing problems. Drug arrests, armed robberies, assualts, homeless people, seems the police reports are never ending and this even during the so called off season.

    Gambling is not a solution but a cause for even more difficulties Ocean City would have to deal with.

    The promise of money being brought in, a year round demand for hotel rooms, new growth and positives as far as the eye could see. The fact is to bring in gambling to Ocean City or NEAR the resort area would bury the town as most once knew it.

    At one time at the end of my working life I was planning to relocate to Ocean City the peace, quiet, the slow pace, the difference between the seasons, the rush of the summer mixed with the tranquility of the fall and winter months. It was someplace I could enjoy year round for different reasons.

    But the winds of change have taken their toll on O.C. perhaps changed forever. I will always remember fondly the many visits I have made over the past years. However now the city has changed nothing small or old nothing cheap or inexpensive, just bigger, better? and more money.

    Each property sold is torn down and replaced with a bigger condo complex. Places to eat are disappearing for more condos. Bigger hotels, less open views, any available inch of space sold for the next builder.

    Hopefully someone will understand that growth without ANY limits will destroy that which once drew visitors to O.C. And if your hope is that those with the cash to pay $300,000- $500,000 for a home at the beach and compulsive gamblers with no interest other then where they can lose their money will make up the wave of new visitors I ask where will the regular folks fit in?

    Family resort a thing of the past.

    Good luck Ocean City I will miss you.

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    Bravo--I couldn't have said it better myself!


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      Thanks. Nice to know at least one other person can see where this is headed.

      It's a shame that those things that once made Ocean City so wonderful are now disappearing without any effort to preserve the quality and
      nature of the area.

      This past weekend in one of the local eateries I noticed they have now installed KENO or Quick Draw
      the name for that same game here in NY.

      BJ's on the bay seems now it caters to people who hold out the hope that picking numbers every 2 minutes might make them a small fortune.

      Growing up in NY I once had the pleasure of knowing a local book maker. Picking the right number out of thousands of combinations seems possible? Hardly. In his words " The biggest sucker bet going." Now the state uses this method to pay it's bills. Whats next lets sell illegal drugs and make some money?

      So in the future Ocean City visitors can sit in the bar pick numbers and miss what is truly worth the visit to this resort.

      In New York the lottery will only place these games in bars where people drink lots and think little.

      Not at the upper end of the bar scale by any means.

      Up scale places don't qualify. Guess the slide has started in Ocean City in the name of making an easy buck.

      State sponsored gambling if a private citizen does it you might go to jail. But the government does it to make money and all is fine.

      Travel up to Atlantic City see the bus loads of losers driven in every day with the promise of a free meal, and discount coupons, the only cost every nickel they have. Thanks and come again.

      Casinos are nice but down the block after dark you take your life in your hands.

      Ocean City be careful who you invite.

      Good bye.


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        wow what a great saddens me to the overdevelopment of the island.soon there will be no open views,no true untouched land. if that gambling is allowed in oc or anywhere near it you can count me out as a visitor to my favorite city. If one wants the gambling and all the ugliness that comes with it they can go to ac.


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          Good luck Ocean City I will miss you.[/QUOTE]

          Great post...I agree with you!!


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            I could not have said it better you are so right.


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              Since its' inception, Ocean City has been in a state of development. The Indians, as they were being pushed from the land, were sorrowful for the old O.C. The Fishermen that used O.C. as a camp were sorry to see their base become developed for tourists. The tourists that became residents of this area now are complaining that the tourists are ruining "their" town. My point here is that we all know the only constant is change and that to be truly effective in moving forward to the future we can plan for it, make guidelines, better zoning, or we can hope that everything goes back to the way it was ten years ago. How much development has there been in your own hometowns in the last 10 years? Could you have stopped it even if you wanted to? Should O.C. be treated as some sort of museum that must not be altered lest it lose its charm? Ocean city is growing at an astonishing rate. I happen to be very grateful to live in a city as economically prosperous as O.C. Of course if you really want to see the end of development and a reduction in tourists all we have to do is allow slot machines into the area.


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                Where will the plan take us?

                I don't go back to the time of the Indians if I did then you would have a point. I only can remember back 30 years for my frame of reference.

                My suggestion or point is that some consideration be made to the amount and type of growth allowed. The loss of many small businesses and smaller hotels replaced by $500,000 condos will without a doubt change the type of people who visit Ocean City. I am not against change just not allowing a once desirable area to be over built and outpriced for the "average" tourist or resident.

                During some of my visits some of those year round residents have expressed their disappointemnt that their children cannot live in their hometown, they can't afford to. Some letters to the editor's I have read recently question the higher costs of livng that seem to be rising each year. No doubt for some the uncontroled rate of growth is prosperous but if you find yourself in a field other then construction, real estate, or
                investing, I would suggest that finding a well paying job sufficient to support the costs of year round living might prove difficult. During my visits I read the local papers, I search the
                web for jobs and opportunities not many available to support a middleclass lifestyle or a family if the cost of housing runs into the $400,000-$600,000 range.

                As for my hometown it has changed in the years I have lived here. One of the reasons I was exploring the Ocean City option is that homes are now running $400,000, $500,000, to $1 million.
                Along with these prices it is a certainty that costs of living will go up. If your employment future has the potential to keep up with these rising costs then you don't need to be concerned.

                I am not against change it would be my hope that it would be positive, sensable change which will not completly change the character of Ocean City.

                If I wanted to visit a town with 20 story hotels as far a the eye could see, with MILLION dollar
                condos where Shantytown once stood. Where an ocean view room requires you hang off the room's balcony railing and stretch so you might catch a glimspe of a wave. Where all the prime property is priced so high that middleclass familys will no longer be able to afford a room then I hope the day never comes when Ocean City would be my destination.

                On the bay at 59th street for years one condo held a beautiful view, recently The Edge was built on a parcel of land on the water's edge. Those that have enjoyed their view for years now get to see the back of the Edge, I wonder how those owners would feel about this type of developement. Sure the owners, developers, and
                investors in the Edge might over time make money but as a result some people have lost the most valuable aspect of their property.

                Change for the good or for the profit of some?

                There is a difference.


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                  Gambling in ocean city, now that would just be ridiculous, this is supposed to be a family-fun place, and now they want gambling, atlantic city is only a few hours away if one wants that. Pretty soon oc is just going to be a place for wealthy people, when it was once a nice place for anyone to enjoy. I mean what happens if they keep overdeveloping and ruin all the nature and beautiful places to go? Theres assatague island, not far from ocean city, and what if they decide to put housing up there? My idea is that theres too much money-making involved here and i think the local gov't needs to see that, i wish the people who are deciding these things would look at the posts we've all written on here!


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                    The owner of the sunsations has already gutted his buildings and rewired them in hopes that gambling will be legalized. That would be the end of this vacation town.

                    Real estate prices are untouchable. A double wide on the ocean around 143 st. will run you around 2.1 million's unreal.


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                      You don't have to worry about gambling in OC this year. MD voted against it again. OC is safe for one more year.
                      Planning to be a Local.........


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                        oc changes

                        I absolutely totally agree with NY-MD. Change is truly inevitable, and it usually is for the better. In most cases, it is probably welcomed. But I cannot see how changes occurring in OC are for the better or welcomed. Buildings are going up right on top of each other, and pretty soon an ocean view will only be available for those right along the coastline. The prices to stay overnight are ridiculous. I know of more and more families who used to always go to OC but are now going to Deep Creek Lake, Outer Banks, and so on. After our recent visit to OC, I'd say there is a very good likelihood that we'll be following their lead. I'm confident others will follow suit. Goodbye OC!! You'll never be the same - sadly.


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                          Originally posted by kirbs316
                          Buildings are going up right on top of each other, and pretty soon an ocean view will only be available for those right along the coastline. The prices to stay overnight are ridiculous. I know of more and more families who used to always go to OC but are now going to Deep Creek Lake, Outer Banks, and so on.

                          I agree!! I also know of many who used to make OC their annual vacation spot but are now going to other places...Myrtle Beach, Outer Banks, Florida. You can FLY to one of these spots and stay the week for a lower price of going to OC. The constant building of condos is just crazy!!


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                            We too have been loyal vacationers to OC for many years, and when we visited in May were saddened to see that Shanty Town was gone, now 45th st village is in its final summer, the Bonfire soon to follow and the Hobbit. Prices have certainly incresed 100 fold over the years, but we still enjoy it, only less. This will probably be our last year for OC. We will most likely be heading to Va Beach or Outer Banks next year except for the trips to OC for Cruise In in May and Corvettes on the Boardwalk in Oct. It's sad to see the city cares more about $$$$ than people. Hope they don't realize it too late.
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                              Are there plans of closing the Bonfire down?? Please tell me no!