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    Looks like the santa maria saw its last season open last year because yesterday we saw it and it was completely destroyed i dunno if there thinkin about rebuilding probably not i expect to see condos there just like everywhere else

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    I'll always remember its light green color
    see ya at o city


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      yeah last summer they closed a deal to build the Miramar Condo in its place


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        Originally posted by beachbum21984
        Looks like the santa maria saw its last season open last year because yesterday we saw it and it was completely destroyed i dunno if there thinkin about rebuilding probably not i expect to see condos there just like everywhere else

        I am sad to hear that, it was my in-laws favorite place. We have been coming to OC and staying in the Santa Maria for years & years. If anyone would happen to have a picture of it being torn down I would like to see one. Just kinda sentimental I guess.


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          The Santa Maria was the BEST!!!!! What a crime it's gone.

          Hi KM:

          We stayed at the Santa Maria for 15+ years and really grieve it's demise. Our friends and us would always rent 4 to 8 rooms together oceanfront because we LOVED the shared balconys! The memories that we have made every year while staying there are so wonderful. We are very saddened that it has come to an end. Like we REALLY need more condos in OC.

          After finding out about the planned closing, I did my best to gather as many remberances as I could. I have many, many photos of the Santa Maria's exterior (including one of it partially demolished), extensive virtual tour videos, capture of their former website, capture of the online news article announcing it's closing, and capture of the online announcement of the auction of all the Santa Maria's contents.

          I was also fortunate enough to obtain some of the original front-desk brochures, postcards, and matchpacks from the former owner, who was also nice enough to sell me a set of the trademark blue/green balcony chairs as well as my original room key where we always stayed. I even have a full size architect drawing of the planned Miramar Condo that will replace the Santa Maria. And believe AIN'T no Santa Maria! Lastly I have found several postcard pictures of the Santa Maria that span it's lifetime. Even one from the late fifties right after it was built!

          Hope you find a decent place to stay from now on. We've already tried one in May and we're going to try another in September. But we know, it'll never be the same. You cannot replace the perfect place.

          Best to all



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            I too am saddened to see the Santa Maria go. I have never stayed there, but was a regular patron each year at the Captain's Table restaurant, the best restaurant in OC by far. While it is going to reopen in the new condo complex, it won't be the same. We'll do our best at making new memories at the new restaurant. Unfortunately, it's not going to be open until next year, so I will miss it this summer.


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              I too was a regular visitor at the Captain's Table restaurant during my week in OC every year. My friends and I would rent bikes, then walk down to the Captain's Table. As a child, my mom would always make us take the traditional sea shell placemats in the event we would have to do a project on sea shells during the school year! What memories.... I am very sad to see it go, it was definitely an Ocean City establishment!


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                Captains table was by far the best resturant in ocean city. Does anybody know if the new captains table that is opening next year is going to be run by the original owners, or are they looking to capitalize on the good name?


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                  Same Owners

                  Yes the Captain's Table will have the same owners when they reopen.


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                    Im really gonna miss it when I'm in OC next week, but I'm SO glad that the Captain's Table will be back next year. Definitely one of my 2 favorite places to eat in OC.


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                      Same owners, different setup and concept.


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                        Santa Maria Photo's

                        I got one last shot of the last two floors up but all the rest of the Hotel was lying in dust......If any one wnts an email of it I'll be glad to send one..
                        I was there the week of July 9th 2005


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                          Joemel...please send your pics

                          Hi Joemel:

                          Yes, please send any pix you have to me! Thanks very much.


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                            Santa Maria

                            I believe that the Captain's Table Restaurant will be rebuilt with whatever is going to be there. I agree it was a nice motel. It was built in the 1950's by Willye Ludlam, if I'm remembering my facts correctly.


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                              I just wanted to let everyone know that as of August 2006, construction of the Miramar Condominiums has yet to begin. The only thing different from last summer that I saw was that the debris of the Santa Maria Motel was cleaned up. I don't know what is taking so long, as the Santa Maria could stayed open two more summers!