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    Any opinions from anyone who has stayed here recently? My family will be staying here July 23 through 30th. I will be sure to submit my opinions on return.

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    I'm actually booked at the Paradise Plaza July 11th-15th. From what i've read it sounds like the majority of the people enjoyed their stay there. I will let you know how everything goes once I get back.


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      our stay was very pleasant

      My husband and I stayed here during the off season and it was nice. The rooms are large and clean, the bathrooms are huge. The staff was very friendly and informative. Hope you both have fun and looking forward to reading your reviews.


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        Just got back from my stay at Paradise Plaza. We had a wonderful time. The weather was great the whole time. The hotel was actually very nice and clean. Our room was nice, it was pretty large definitely accomodated 6 of us, and we had a wonderful view. We were in room 810.. so it was the top floor. We had a balcony and a view of the ocean, bay, and downtown OC. Definitely the best part of the room. We also had a jacuzzi which was very nice. We weren't very fond of our maid.. mainly because she seemed to have an attitude but other than that, everything went very well. Our neighbors were friendly, along with the staff. The pool was small in size and only went to 4 foot deep. We ate at Jimi's Bar and Grill which is in the hotel and we all enjoyed our food there.

        All in all, we had a great time and we would definitely go back to Paradise Plaza. I hope you enjoy your stay as much as we did!


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          Just got back from a stay at Paradise Plaza. It had it's good and bad points like all hotels. We had a wonderful room with 2 beds, kitchenette, sleeper sofa. Room was really nice, modern and clean. We stayed on the 4th floor and the view was wonderful! Great view of the ocean, beach and even low enough for people watching on the boardwalk. Almost the whole wall is window, so you could see the ocean from the time you walk in the door. And even with all the noise on the boardwalk at night, when you closed the balcony door, it was completely quiet. Great soundproofing. We loved the comfy robes. Jimi's restaurant downstairs was relaxing and quiet.

          Now for the bad. The front desk (ugh) was very unhelpful and impolite. Housecleaning was friendly and spoke to us everytime they saw us..the front desk just ignored you until you yelled to get their attention. I brought my laptop, but there was nothing said or noted about how to set it up and it wouldn't work. Once we called the front desk a couple of times, they told us that the port wasn't working yet and to plug the cord into the phone on the other wall.

          The elevator stopped on my BF and the door wouldn't open. Another woman said she got stuck in it, too. Finally they posted it out of order. So I had to hoof it up a really dark, creepy stairwell to get to the room, countless times every day. 58 steps...yes, I counted. Someone kept pulling the fire alarm as soon as we got to sleep. By the time the hotel was evacuated and the fire dept. came and checked things out, who could sleep! (Not the hotels fault, I know, but frustrating).

          I believe the hotel has 70ish rooms, but they only have 4 luggage carts. Grab one early! At checkout you will have to lug all your stuff down the elevator (I mean steps). And don't book the room for the pool. It's very tiny and in a stinky location.

          I must be getting old because that end of the boardwalk is no longer appealing to me. Next time I will stay farther down the other end...less crowded and much cleaner.


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            Wishme - I too do not care to stay on the southern end of the boardwalk, too crowded. Do not get me wrong, I love the boardwalk, but when I am done with it for the day, I am ready to return to our midtown 38th Street location. We rent an oceanfront condo and everything around us basically is condos and the Castle in the Sand Hotel, which attracts a very nice clean family crowd. I have also stayed at the north end of the boardwalk, it is much more quiet and you still have easy access to the boardwalk for a leisurely stroll down the boards. The Dunes Motel & Dunes Manor Hotel are not directly on the boardwalk, but the Dunes Motel is the first motel off the very end and the Dunes Manor is basically right beside it. I have stayed at both of these establishments and they are both excellent.


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              We are going back in about a month and I think we will try the Dunes Motel. Thanks for the advice!


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                wishme - Let us know your thoughts on the Dunes Motel when you get back!


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                  Always stay at Paradise Plaza

                  I have always had an excellent stay when I stay at Paradise, I love the balcony on 9th street and the stores right in front of the hotel. Room is clean, hotel staff is nice, room is quiet - even on the boards.


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                    paradise plaza

                    i stayed at paradise plaza in june of 03 for senior week and though the hotel was clean and modern, i wasn't too impressed. i had a view of the bay which was gorgeous, and the location is nice. the bathroom was nothing to scream about (i'm very particular about cleanliness and comfort). the lobby is EXTREMELY small and can get super busy during check-in/out, also due to the fact it shares entrances with dairy queen and souvenir shops (that can be a plus though because of the convenience). the pool is also small, but they didn't have much room to work with. all in all, the place is nice, but i wouldn't say the best. don't mean to be such a debbie downer...just giving my opinion )


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                      Stay at Paradise every year

                      I stay at the Paradise Plaza every year in July and I love it!!! Big rooms, very clean and still quiet on the boardwalk at night, even more quiet if you turn on the air conditioning, that is what we do and we can't hear anything. They also have a very nice restaurant, serves all day. We will be there July 20-23rd.


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                        Beware of sideview

                        Paradise Plaza is a great location - but I have noticed that some of the online booking websites (travelocity, hotels, cheaphotels) do not clearly state if you are booking an oceanfront room or a SIDEVIEW room - only that you have "a balcony". The sideview will be OK - but may not be what you are expecting! I'd call the hotel directly to get what you want.


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                          We will be staying at the Paradise in Aug. We use to stay at the Santa Maria, but now that is gone, the last two years we stayed at the Americana and wasn't really impressed with that. So we are trying the Paradise, everything I have read so far is pretty favorable. I just have a few questions;

                          How are the rooms ( we are on ocean front),
                          How is the pool?
                          I am not sure but I think I seen somewhere a sit down restaurant is also at the site, how is it and what is the menu like.
                          (By restaurant I do not mean the Alaska Stand or the Dairy Queen that is on the boardwalk,
                          Any input would be helpful.


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                            I just wanted to post about our stay at the Paradise Plaza in Aug.
                            For our family this has been one of the nicest places we have stayed at in the last few years. We were very happy with our rooms, nice large bathrooms, which included bath and body shampoo, soap and lotion daily. New towels and maid service daily, Bottled water daily. We very much enjoyed the free wi-fi access and had no problem accessing it. I liked the fact that they had stairways that you could use, which we did alot since we were on the 2nd and 3rd floors, it was only probably 10 steps between floors. The pool is small, but hardly anybody was ever in it, one time we had it all to ourselves.
                            The staff was very nice and friendly to us, every time we came in the lobby they always asked how we were doing today, and if we were having a good time.

                            All in all we had another great time in OC only this time the weather was not the best, but we still were in OC. We plan on coming back to Paradise Plaza next year.
                            If anyone stays here, make sure you tell Anthony the security guard that the Pittsburgh Steeler fans said Hi!!!!