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    The bill never passes because the politicians don't have your safety in mind and could care less.

    All about the almighty buck and the business interests that contribute to get them elected.

    Gee that $5.00 per detector price would put the hotels and motels out of business.

    I have one more question why do these business owners have to be forced by laws or regulations why does not one of them install the detectors because they are concerned about the safety of their guests.

    The politicians are frauds. Just give it some lip service and move along.

    From the details in this article I smell a huge lawsuit coming down the pike.

    I just hope the family members can find themselves a real good lawyer.

    This was preventable.

    Days Inn, Ocean City emergency response, and whomever else failed to respond to the room from which the call originated.

    How do you defend their actions????


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      A lawyer for sure. Especially after they found that at least one of the victims was still alive when the other two rooms were evacuated. I'd sue every single one of them, from the hotel, to the EMS operator, to the EMS personel, ......anyone I could. My heart breaks for that wife and mother. So very very sad.
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        I do agree with you that the family at this point should sue everyone involved. My sympathy definately goes to his wife and child.

        I leave on Wednesday for a weekend at the beach and yes I'm staying at the Days Inn...I cant wait


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          I would leave a window open for my entire trip........


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            From what I understand, the problem has been corrected and everything is now vented outside the building. But what gets me is that city officials declared that the hotel was found not negligent in this matter. WHAT?? Oh well. Hope they can all sleep at night.
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              If the family finds a good attorney then the hotel, the EMS service, the town,
              the hospital, and last but certainly not least the contractor who performed the renovation work will all be getting together in court to defend their roles is this matter.

              The town's determination of fault does not matter in a court of law.

              Punitive damages I think it's called...................


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                I'm really not too worried my two friends and i don't plan to spend much time in the room


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                  Right On...forget about it talks or doesn't LOL

                  Originally posted by beachlvr2448
                  I'm really not too worried my two friends and i don't plan to spend much time in the room
                  even the State isn't worried much

                  ya check out this blog