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    Is there a way to avoid crossing the hwy? Say, perhaps take the bus? or drive ourself? Or is that silly?


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      The only way to avoid crossing the highway is to stay on the ocean side of it. It is bad, but we've all done it for years. Just be sure to cross at the crosswalks. People who don't are usually the ones with problems. And there is a bus lane on each side of Coastal, so you are really crossing eight lanes of traffic. Watch out for the busses when you are driving or walking. It's going to be a bit confusing and maybe a little scary at first, but you'll get the hang of driving down there in no time.
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        Originally posted by luvsthebeach
        Is there a way to avoid crossing the hwy? Say, perhaps take the bus? or drive ourself? Or is that silly?
        No, it's not silly, crossing the hwy in OC can be down right deadly. Here are a few things to keep in mind to make it a little safer - Never jay walk, always use the crosswalks and pay attention to the walk and don't walk lights, this year they have included a lighted count down letting you know how long you have left till the signal changes. Even if you have the right of way, or when you are standing on the side walk keep your eyes open! NY-MD touched on it whe he said about people drinking, this is very true. Not only do you have people driving drunk, but you have people driving on roads that they are unfamilar with, they are looking for signs, and buildings, and not paying direct attention to what is happening directly infront of them. OC also attracts a lot of young people with very little driving experience. Then you have a select few who fall into the "all of the above"! Don't be scared, just understand where you are at ...obey the signals, and keep alert and you should be fine.


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          Listen just to put this into perpsective OC has a few serious injuries each year.

          Please don't get the impression that the Coastal Highway is lined with dead bodies.

          It is a busy highwayYES do you have to take your life in your hands each time you cross it??? NO

          Should you say goodbye to your family just in case you don't make it back???NO

          In the section of town you will be staying at 60th there is less traffic and you WILL BE FINE not should be fine.

          Use some caution, pay attention, look both ways just like you were taught in grade school and it will be fine.

          I have been going to OC for 30+ years and have made it there and back without incident each and every time.

          No doubt you will do the same.

          As DEAN pointed out many people forget where they are, get busy looking at the sights, (you see a lot of fender benders where people rear end those in front of them when traffic stops) drink and drive, and are just not used to driving in this type of traffic.

          Relax, enjoy your trip and you will survive the Coastal Highway.....


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            Cops Targeting Pedestrians With Summer Stings
            Jacob Cook

            Staff Writer

            07/27/2006 OCEAN CITY – Local law enforcement officials this week say mums the word on the number of pedestrian fatalities in the resort so far this year, which stands at zero, in fear of jinxing the statistic, as enforcement on both sides of the street is slated to continue throughout the summer.

            It is sadly unusual and rarely muttered, but resort police are fully aware that no pedestrian fatalities have occurred so far this year. During the summer months, Ocean City is a popular destination for millions of people. Whether it’s carelessness associated with being on vacation, blatant disregard for state law or truly an accident, vehicle and pedestrian collisions run rampant in the area this time of year.

            Members of the Ocean City Police Department are crossing their fingers as the season rolls into August and hoping the perfect statistic, down from one pedestrian fatality last year, stays in place. Instead of resting on their laurels, however, police officers continue to target both drivers and pedestrians with special details setup to educate and safeguard the public.

            Despite some criticism that local police only crack down on motorists and not pedestrians seen “jaywalking” regularly, OCPD spokesman Barry Neeb this week said officers have been targeting both sides of the street this summer, with three enforcement details so far and two more scheduled.

            Local, county and state agencies have assisted with the special details, Neeb said. In the assignment targeting drivers, a plain clothes officer walks to the middle of the street using the marked crosswalk and motorists who refuse to stop for the pedestrian are pulled over. According to Neeb, the department typically chooses troubled streets where accidents have occurred in the past and not only stop unlawful drivers, but also those who obey the law as well to reinforce the positive behavior.

            “We find it very helpful and very productive. It’s important to do both. We think it’s a good idea,” he said.

            The program is not designed to trick drivers and ticket everyone, but to educate the public on the laws, which can be extremely difficult in the resort given the turnover, Neeb said. On two separate occasions, 90 percent of the drivers were issued a warning, not a ticket.

            As a driver, it is a state law to stop or yield to pedestrians in crosswalks and failure to do so could warrant a $65 citation and one point on a Maryland driver’s license.

            During the two special details, officers took more than 190 enforcement actions, whether they were issuing warnings, tickets or positive reinforcement, according to Neeb.

            The department recently reversed roles and set up 12 different stations throughout town, consisting of vehicle and bike patrol units, to target pedestrians crossing against the signal, not using the crosswalk or other unlawful activity. Neeb said officers targeting pedestrians took 185 enforcement actions. He said several witnesses called to compliment officers for targeting pedestrians, since they are cited for causing most of the accidents in town.

            The department’s spokesman said there is no correlation between education, enforcement and accidents, but despite never knowing what they prevent, police work hard to get the message out to visitors.

            “It’s just important, especially with the weekly turnover,” Neeb said.

            As a retired cop and member of the town’s police commission, Councilman Jay Hancock has openly aired his concern that officers work special units targeting drivers, but fail to address pedestrians. After hearing this week that police have responded to those darting into traffic, Hancock said it was fair and wise enforcement.

            “I think the enforcement needs to be all encompassing because pedestrians are part of the problem and drivers are part of the problem. You can’t address one part of it,” he said. “There aren’t billboards in Ocean City that you can put the message up, but you can hear it everywhere else. That helps with the education. I think the message is out there.”

            OCPD Pfc. Hugh Bean, who works with accident reconstruction to determine who was at fault and what took place, said this summer has been fairly typical for the department, despite being spared any fatalities.

            “We’ve had some spectacular crashes, but we’ve had them in past years. I think the education programs work very well,” he said.

            Though many accidents are attributed to pedestrian error, Bean says, both motorists and those on foot need to be aware of their surroundings to avoid collisions.

            “It’s not like an 18-year-old female at a .24 [blood alcohol content] is going to run real fast,” Bean said. “People need to pay attention to the marked crosswalks. We’re not just going to pick on the drivers.”

            Through education and community support, the city can be a safer place to drive and walk, but it’s a collaborative and ongoing effort that will always be an issue for the resort.

            “The cars don’t lie, the roadway doesn’t lie and autopsy photos don’t lie,” said Bean.


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              Well, I'm glad to see that there have been no pedistrian accidents this season. Let's hope it stays that way!! Thanks for the article with the info on the PD cracking down on the people and not just the drivers. We will be sure to cross with caution. Do you know if we can take the bus from the hotel rather than walk??

              On a seperate note, my Dad is raving about a place called Captain Galley's. What's your thoughts?


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                The bus runs north and south along the Coastal Highway, the beach is east.

                So I think you are left with the 1 1/2 block walk to get to the beach.

                If you wanted to hit the Boardwalk then you could hop on the bus and take it south to the southern part of town and then walk east to the Boardwalk area.

                Captain Galley's.

                It is located just a short ride outside OC if you take route 50 and go over the bridge heading west out of town.

                Depending on traffic the travel time my vary greatly.

                Many of those who post here give this place good reviews.

                I tried the place for the first time in June of this year.

                There is a full dining room downstairs and a bar and more casual area upstairs.

                I found the food to be quite good and the service was excellent.

                Might be one place you would like to give a try.


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                    We have eaten at the Captain's Galley. Had a late lunch - on the deck upstairs. Great food at reasonable prices and the view was fascinating. You actually get to watch a busy little harbor as you eat. All in all it was a pleasant experience.

                    One day we will go back and try them for dinner.

                    I get a "kick" out of the crawler on their website, claiming, "WORLD'S BEST CRAB CAKES - In West Ocean City, on the Harbor!" They are good, but they seem to be limiting the scope of their claim. Keep in mind there are many places in OC that have crabcakes. And a LOT of them have good, really good, crabcakes.


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                      So, would you say that they are not worth the trip out of town when we could get about the same in town?? If so, where would you recommend??


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                        Finding the best crabcake in OC is not an exact science.

                        Ask 20 people and you could get 10 different answers.

                        Captain's Galley is highly reviewed on this site and others for their food not just crab cakes.

                        You have many places that prepare crab cakes in OC many make good crab cakes the difference would be tough to detect unless you were a crab cake
                        officianato (sp)

                        Captain's Galley is not a long ride out of town. Over the bridge and the first left hand turn right across the inlet from OC.

                        If you want to try this place don't let the ride stop you.

                        Crab cake Factory
                        Nick's House of Ribs

                        All serve decent crab cakes along with other items.

                        Hope this helps............


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                          2nd left hand turn

                          Actually, to get to Captain's Galley II you have to make a left at the 2nd traffic light (Golf Course Road) when leaving OC going across the Rt. 50 bridge. Making a left at the first traffic light will take you into the Ocean City Fishing Center and Park and Ride area.

                          I think some of the better restaurant choices Ocean City has to offer are located back in this area with the above mentioned Captain's Galley II, as well as Sunset Grille, Mickey Fin's, Marlin Moon Grille and Crab Alley. Haven't tried the new Iguana Surf yet which took over old "The Wedge" building across from Sunset Marina.


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                            Thanks for all the notes on where to get good CC...I'm not sure now where to go! Sounds like I have many, many choices....I don't want to spend my whole time eating!!!