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  • Fenwick Inn?

    Hi, I am a newbie traveling to OC in late Aug/early Sept. I found an internet deal at the Fenwick Inn. I realize the location and totally fine with it. I am worried that it is a "roach" motel, if you will. Anyone have any feedback to share? Also, if anyone would like to share with me the "must do or see" 's with me I would appreciate! Thanks!!

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    Not highly recommended. Here are some reviews from


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      I would stay away from the Fenwick Inn.
      It is a dump.

      Do yourself a favor and look elsewhere.

      As for activities you have the Boardwalk, Assateague with the wild ponies,
      the beach, the hotel pool, breakfast, lunch, dinner, shopping at the local outlets, and perhaps some nightlife.

      What are you looking for?????

      If you give us some idea of your age, who you are traveling with, likes, dislikes, the activites you might enjoy we could give you some ideas.


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        What dates are you planning to travel?

        Then we could check what's available.......................


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          If you go to and click on "book reservations" you can fill in what you are looking for and it will bring up tons of available deals in OC. I use it a LOT. I haven't heard any good things about the Fenwick either. Sorry. Have you considered a condo?
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            Thanks everyone. Our travel dates are Thursday, August 31 thru Sunday, Sept 3rd. We are a 30 something married couple, no children AND it is my husband's first time to the beach. I want to be sure he likes it. I would love to stay closer to the action, however, money is an issue for me. Would need to stay in the $400 price range. I know that sounds cheap and I certainly do not have high expectations for the price range. Any further suggestions? Thanks again are all so nice!


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              I just did a search
              Here's what I found

              Castle in the Sand...Oceanfront hotel, Penthouse room, bayside, no balcony $442.00

              Best Western Sea Bay Inn .....2 Double Beds, smoking , $374.85
              2 Double Beds, non smoking, $354.85

              Howard Johnson Oceanfront Inn.....Poolside smoking...$495.85

              Atlantic Oceanfront Inn......Oceanfront Efficiency $475.00
              Oceanview Efficiency $445.00

              Dunes Motel.....Oceanfront Hotel, poolside room nonsmoking, 2 double beds, $387.00 poolside smoking, 2 double beds, $357.00

              Harrison Hall on the Boards, Oceanfront hotel, side room, $337.00

              Ramada Limited....Bayside hotel, standard double room, either smoking or non smoking $357.00, plus free breakfast.

              Spinnaker Motel.....Oceanview Efficiency, private balcony $460.00

              Sun N Fun Motel.....2 dbls. 1 block to the beach...$338.00

              Thunderbird Beach Motel.....2 dbls oceanblock....$356.00

              These are all internet specials through Hope it helps.
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                I have to ask your dates put you in OC over Labor Day weekend you do know that right????

                The is one of the biggest weekends of the year ending the official Summer season.

                The crowds should be large and the options for accomodations limited and expensive.

                The stay around the $400 mark for 3 night will be difficult.

                I ran those dates through and there are options just not many in your price range.

                Depending on what you are looking for 2 hotels I have stayed at and was happy are the Best Western Sea Bay Inn located on 60th and the bayside you can still get a room there for $160 per night. The Sea Bay Inn has a small outdoor pool and is closer to the busier section of town.

                But with Labor day weekend the entire area will be busy.

                Also the Gold Coast Comfort Inn has rooms for the same price range it is located uptown around 127th Street. Little further north but a decent clean affordable place that is usually a little quieter then some of the other areas in town.

                Under the circumstances I would vote for the Best Western Sea Bay Inn which is closer to the busy section of town. Has a pool. Can be a shorter trip to the Boardwalk and is a clean, well run place.

                I prefer a room on the upper floors facing south and you can sit on the balcony and enjoy the view of the bayside, oceanside, and coastal highway and all the activity.

                You are close to Fager's Island within walking distance and one of the area's most popular nightspots.

                You could also at your age take a walk at night down to Seacrets the most popular nightspot in town. It should be packed so get there early.

                49th and the bay10 blocks on flat ground no big deal.

                The Comfort Inn is a nice quiet place set back by itself you can get a bayview room for a few $$ more and have a nice quiet visit all depending on what it is you are looking for.

                Right up the road you have the Greene Turtle a small local bar/restaurant that you could walk to for some food and drinks for lunch or at night with some music.

                Those are two options but my last suggestion would be wherever you decide book a room soon or you might find yourself out of luck.

                Time is running out for anything decent.


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                  You can take a look at this property.


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                    Thanks again

                    Thanks again for all the good info. BW Sea Bay Inn is the location. I trust your experience and it is priced just right. Any advice for good food? I have been told by several to go to the Greene Turtle. Any hotspots? Thanks!


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                      How close is the Sea Bay Inn to the beach? Walking distance?


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                        I am sure the Sea Bay Inn will serve you well.

                        As I mentioned you will find Fager's Island just a short walk away right down the road to the bayfront. It is located right behind the Coconut Malorie Hotel which you can see from the parking lot of the Sea Bay Inn.

                        There you can either have lunch, dinner or formal dining in the upstairs dining area. Also the sunsets over the bay are just amazing to watch. If the weather is nice and clear stop over some night before sunset and grab seat bayfront on the deck and enjoy the view.
                        They also accompany each sunset with the playing of the 1812 Overture as the sun falls away. Quite a view and sight.

                        As for the Greene Turtle it is located in the 120's north of your location. To be honest in my opinion for food there are many other places closer to enjoy.

                        Fager's lunch or dinner

                        Coins 28th Street lunch and dinner

                        BJ's 75th and the bay try the seafood skins!!!! They serve a complete late night menu each day.

                        Bayside Skillet for breakfast around 70th street (Not hard to find look for the PINK building on the bayside in the corner lot.

                        You also have the Coach's Corner located right in the hotel. Good food not great but it gets a plus for location.

                        I would suggest at least one visit to Seacrets a bar/restaurnat located at 49th and the bay not like any place you have seen.

                        Go for lunch during the day to see it all or early in the evening to beat the cover charge it will be packed late night so unless you enjoy waiting on line don't bother going late in the evening.

                        Just read your last post.

                        The Coastal Highway runs north and south through OC. The Sea Bay Inn is located on the bay side of the highway with the one side of the hotel located right on the highway.

                        If you cross the highway and walk about 2 blocks you will be on the beach.

                        Just cross at the corner with the light and be careful at all times.

                        This time of year lots of traffic and you need to watch when crossing the road.

                        One block south on the same side of the highway you will find a 7-Eleven for any small items you might need along with some food items.

                        The hotel room has a small frig for something to eat or drink.

                        Also if you hit the 7-Eleven as you enter in front of the first row of shelves you will see on the ground all the local "free" newspapers.

                        Grab a copy of each and they will list the places to eat, the nightlife and bands playing, and the other attractions in the area. Also they have coupons for saving a few $$$$$$ which never hurts.

                        One last suggestion if you go out to eat to avoid having a wait eat a little "off" hours have an early lunch or dinner and schedule your meals before or after most others.

                        Hope you have a great time.

                        If you go to the SBI sight you can request a room (By e-mail) on the higher floors so as to avoid the noise from the pool located on the ground floor.

                        I would ask for a room overing looking the south parking lot for my money a better view of things then the north side.

                        Please post your comments about the hotel, food, OC and your trip when you return.

                        Hope this helps..................................


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                          This map should give you some idea of the layout in OC.

                          You will see the bay at the bottom of the map then you can find 60th street towards the left of this map.

                          The road running left to right is the Coastal Highway so if you are bayside or on the bottom side of the map to get to the OCEAN (beach) you have to cross the Coastal Highway and then go about 1 1/2 blocks to hit the beach.

                          The street numbers run lower if you are heading south and higher as you go north.

                          Once you get there it will take no time to get the hang of the area.

                          Right across the street from the hotel on the corner is a visitors center where you can check for tourist information. Also the looby of the hotel should have booklets, papers, and other information as you walk out into the parking area.


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                            This site should list most the the places to eat in OC.

                            You can check the prices and menu if you go to the websites.

                            All depends on what type of food you are looking for and the time of day breakfast, lunch, dinner or in between......


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                              Again, not to sound like a broken record, but thank you, thank you, thank you!

                              I sent an email to the SBI asking to see if they can accommodate us with a higher floor room and on the south side. I will be sure to let you know how it goes when we get back.

                              You truly have been such a HUGE help and I can't thank you enough. Have a great day and I will post soon!!!