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    wow noone posts in here anymore

    so lets talk about the park place hotel

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    I know, it's been kind of dead on here. What about the Park Place?


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      well..i like it haha BETTER THAN MONTE CARLO


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        The Park Place Hotel seems to be getting favorable reviews on Trip Advisor, here:

        Here is a quote from their Website:
        "For over 110 years the Conner family has been in resort hospitality in Ocean City. This generation proudly offers a deluxe, full-service Boardwalk Hotel with a panoramic view of Ocean and Bay. Park Place Hotel, on America's landmark three-mile boardwalk, is also on the new widened boardwalk. Take the train, roller blade and bike ride with ease. The beach is the cleanest on the Atlantic Coast and very wide with direct access to beach rentals. Best of all, the amusements are only a few blocks away."

        Park Place Hotel is to the left of the Dough Roller in this picture...

        (I'll try to have a better shot posted soon. I know I have one someplace in this ol' computer.)


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          i stayed there a couple years ago..thats like the best hotel experience ive had in my life haha


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            I like to stay in condos whenever possible...haha


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              I love to stay in apartments whenever I plan to visit any place. I visited this park palace hotel last year with my friends. Such a wonderful experience to visit there.


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                i like to stay in thailand !


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                  I'm a mid town condo lover. Never enjoyed staying on the boardwalk, and honestly don't understand those who do.
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