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  • tides Caribbean

    Hello there,

    Thinking of staying here in June and I have been seeing a lot of mixed reviews? Can anyone tell me anything current on this hotel about there last stay?

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    We have stayed there a few times but always during the off season and I have learned that the hotels are very different during the peak season and in the off season. That being said the hotel was nice the rooms are clean and roomy. The parking is like most other hotel on the Boardwalk, a few spaces at the hotel and then more about a block away. The staff was always friendly and helped us find some new places to try even in the off season. It is a place we will return to in the future.


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      Here's a picture of the Tidelands Caribbean on the Boards - Taken last August.

      Here is a hotel booking site that has 11 reviews...
      The reviews are from Travelocity and their partner sites.


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        i stayed here like 3 years was nice..but the lobby was usually empty with no employees to all..


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          We stayed there twice last summer. It's a good place to stay. Great location. Parking is tight but always something a couple of blocks away.

          We've probably stayed there a total of 6 times over the last few years and have no complaints.


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            plim plaza hotel

            has anyone stayed here? Never been to MD and getting so confused. Going in August. Thanks


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              Perhaps these reviews might help you with your decision.

              If you give us some information we might be able to give you some advice.

              Age? Number in party? Price range? How long are you planning to stay?
              Weekday or weekend?

              Plus do you want to be in a busy section of town or something more quiet.

              The more information you provide the better the information those on this site can give you.

              Good luck.


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                Plim PLaza Reviews

                This is one place to avoid. I have to laugh when someone says something like, "We been staying there for over five years and enjoy it. The musty smell, the mold on the walls, the paper thing walls, the all night music blaring from the pool, no maid service, are just minor things. If you want to stay at a place that doesn't have these things then go someplace else."

                Go figure. If a large majority of the reviews for a particular hotel are really bad then that should tell you something...don't cha think???