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Quality Inn Beachfront, 33rd Street -- New Owners??

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  • Quality Inn Beachfront, 33rd Street -- New Owners??

    I just happened to see a small display ad in the Dispatch that noted the Quality Inn Beachfront was under new management. I always liked this place and have recommended it before. We've not stayed there the past couple of years due to construction.

    I seem to recall this place was family owned. I think there was an old man and his son that owned the place and maintained very, very nice suites in which they occassionally stayed. I think the son came now and then but the old man may no longer have been able.

    Anybody know what's up and what might have spurred the change??

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    News Article

    Feel free to visit
    for more information.


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      Thanks -- that certainly give me the full story! Answers just about everything except for what the old owners will do with the $18M and if they'll continue to sell those really good hot dogs out of Doc's Shop.