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TripAdvisor is great for hotel reviews

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  • TripAdvisor is great for hotel reviews

    Someone mentioned checking out Trip Advisor for reviews on hotels in OC. Actually it may have been mentioned by other people earlier. I spent some time checking out hotel reviews last night. I'm planning on going to OC in May or early June.

    It is quite interesting. I skipped over the really old reviews from 2002-03-04-05 and read only the recent ones.

    My observations are the people that gave bad reviews had GOOD reasons for the negative remarks. One hotel in particular, The Carousel, got bad reviews consistently. I do wonder if the management has employee's posting on TA pretending to be patrons? You read all these bad reviews and then there's the one that says nothing but glowing comments.

    I believe that despite event he best hotel getting great reviews you still have to be careful. I think the true test of how good a hotel is how they treat a complaint or concern. THEN it depends on the time of day, time of the week, off season or on, etc.

    But remember this, they don't have to be nice to you. There's plenty of people waiting in line to check in. If you aren't going to patronize them who cares?? This applies to most any business.

    I ALWAYS check Trip Advisor and read the reviews very carefully. It's a great service.

    Those are my random sometimes incoherent thoughts.

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    Hi, you have to remember also, that everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Some people complain about every little thing that happens to them. I saw that you mentioned The Carousel. I'm going to go to Trip Advisor and read what people wrote, but from my experience, I can tell you that I had a small problem with my room when I stayed there, and it was handled immediately, and the staff was very nice. We had a blast staying there, and would stay there again.


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      You are quite correct. I dismissed the ones where someone was complaining about the pool water not being warm enough for example. I have stayed at the Carousel numerous times but I'm looking elsewhere. The pool was closed and the ice rink was closed thelast time I was there. When I ask about why this wasn't mentioned when I booked the rooms the manager just shrugged. I ask him if there was a place nearby where I could take my son swimming and again he just shrugged and didn't say anything. I also asked when I made the reservations if their restaurant was open and I was told YES. I even called a week before my visit and was told again YES. It was closed. The room service took about 3 minutes. Even though the towels were replaced and the bed made nothing else was done.

      The outdoor pool was open but not very clean BUT it is difficult to keep an outdoor pool clean so I don't complain about things like that.

      I repeat that it depends on the time of the year of your stay, off season-peak season, weekday or weekend, who is on manager duty, the nature of your complaint and most importantly, which way the wind is blowing at the time of your complaint on what kind of response you will get.

      So while I'm happy that someone hasn't had problems there the large majority of people posting on Trip Advisor had valid complaints about the service there.

      You may also want to read the reviews about the Hilton. Almost all of them are rave reviews until you get to the one about the woman's room being robbed and the pitiful response by the hotel management. Go figure.