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What was the worst hotel/motel you stayed at?

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    You mean the place with the one-armed manager and those wild Russian girls at happy hour !
    Not for the faint of heart and NEVER spend the night there.
    Beware of the Carona Cat !!!


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      Originally posted by BALTOBOB View Post
      You mean the place with the one-armed manager and those wild Russian girls at happy hour !
      Not for the faint of heart and NEVER spend the night there.
      HAHAHA!!!!!!!!!! I have no idea about any of that stuff, but I don't doubt it for a minute!


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        Sun and Beach

        The first year we went to OC we wanted to extend our stay by one day. However most hotels in town had a 3 day min. stay except a few. The wonderful Sun and Beach that was once located next to the 45th street plaza. This was back when Scandels was still open and a popular spot to go for a fish bowl. It was condemed and tore down the following year. There was a 2 inch gap between the door and the ground, which was on the sidewalk and let tons of bugs in. The bed was so old when you layed down on it you fell to the middle. The shower stall was not attached to the wall and my husband cut his finger and needed stitches while taking a shower. It smelled like mold and was so dirty I don't think that they cleaned anything since they opened.


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          The Princess Royale

          The Princess Royal Oceanfront was by far the worst hotel I've ever stayed at. I requested an oceanfront room, they put me on the first floor. I had to take one elevator up one floor, then walk this long corridor, then take a different elevator back down to the first floor. I felt like I needed to leave a popcorn trail it was so far. Never again would I stay there. I miss the Nassau Hotel!!!


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            This makes me remember alot of where we used to stay, most of the time we were lucky enought o have a freind who lived in Salisbury but it was such a pain having to drive back and forth. It was very nice staying there don't take me wrong but much nicer being where in the city all the time.
            We started staying at the santa Maria which was dated but nice back then. then we tried Nock apartments., not so good. It seemed very used by alot of teen groupys. Dunes Manor was the best, Ocean Mecca was good too., Atlantic motel about 10 years ago aloud up 1 night stay..phew., and then there was the Paradise Motel I think on 7th street...We liked it there too.
            Lots of places to stay just want to pick the right one...Happy Summer.


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              After reading all the reviews on Trip Advisor I thought I couldn't go wrong with booking the Park Place Hotel....boy, was I WRONG!!!

              Day 1: We arrived at the hotel earlier than the advertised check-in time. I wasn't expecting our room to be ready, but I was asked to give my cell phone number and that as soon as the room was ready we would be called. That never happened.

              We we went up to our room and just outside the elevator there was a sock in the tree in the hall.

              Day 2: When we went out onto the balcony in the morning, there was a CONDOM ON OUR BALCONY. GROSS! I went down to the front desk to inform them, and quietly asked for it to be removed. House keeping was sent to our room in a timely manner, but they cleaned our room and NEVER REMOVED THE CONDOM!!! We had to eventually do it ourselves.

              Later that day we we went out on the balcony, we noticed there were FOUR MORE CONDOMS right in our view on top of the parked cars. I called down to the front desk and asked to have them removed. By this time I was getting tired of trying to explain what these were to my kids. 20 - 30 minutes later, they were still there so I went down to the front desk and once again asked to have them removed. My request was greeted with irritation! It's not like I was asking for extra towels, I was asking to have condoms removed. I would have thought the situation would have been given immediate attention.

              Later that evening my youngest son and I decided to sit out on the balcony. What a view we had. A gang of kids SMOKING POT and URINATING in the parking lot of the hotel. Who would have thought that it could get worse after the condom incident!!!

              Spit on the floor of the elevator.

              Sock still in tree in hall.

              Day 3: Another day....ANOTHER CONDOM on our balcony. House keeping did come to our room immediately, but along with the condom, they also removed an item belonging to my son!

              Ice cream splattered all over the floor of the elevator.

              Sock still in tree in hall.

              While I understand that the hotel cannot be responsible for the actions of their visitors, I do firmly believe it is their responsibility to respond to what has happened, and to comfort of their customers.

              When I talked with the owner of the hotel on day three of our stay, her only response was "sorry" or "it's not our responsibility". Never once did she even ask what had been removed from our balcony that belonged to my son. I had put down in writing all the things that we had experienced during our stay. I had hoped that after she ended our discussion that she might sit down and read what I had written...I thought she might realize that she never addressed that one of her house keeping staff had taken something belonging to us. That never happened. I truly feel that she didn't care at all....she had us stuck in her hotel knowing that there were no rooms available at other hotels because of the busy week it was.

              The most disheartening thing was the sadness of my youngest son. He kept asking if would could go through the trash to find what house keeping had taken. He also kept asking if could call the police. Then he just asked if we would go home. I seconded his thoughts!


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                You should copy and paste what you wrote above into Trip adviser.


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                  Worst Hotel

                  SURFSIDE 8,,, dumpy... and the guy was nasty too.


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                    Park Place Problems

                    We had friends who stay there that love it..never had any problems. But i do believe you and feel bad that the management did nothing,, I find that "Customer Service and Satisfaction" mean NOTHING, they unfortunetly know that there are others coming in when you leave..and could honestly care less how your stay, service was. Sad, Sad, Sad, for what you pay.. you should get more...Restaurants are the same way..I am not a complainer, but on occasion will voice an opinion...and they could give a hoot about it..


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                      Oh, I just remembered that we stayed at the Baysails Inn once. ONCE! OMG that place was horrible!! The ONLY upside to staying there was that we were direct bayfront and the view was wonderful. All the shorebirds and sunsets. But the room AND the hotel were awful. I'm surprised I didn't bring some kind of bugs home with me.
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                        Actually I copied and pasted what I wrote on Trip Advisor to this page. With just a few minor adjustments.

                        One additional note: My son likes to draw pictures on the mirror when it gets all fogged up after a shower. After I took my shower, there was a huge sad face on the mirror. Talk about touching my heart.


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                          About 15 years ago my friends and I stayed at the Miami Court. What a DUMP!!!!! It was very dirty, smelly, and had bugs in the shower. The best part was the towels with names from other area motels. (possibly all owned by same business). Anyway it was a last minute trip on a holiday weekend so we just needed a cheap place to sleep. Thank God they eventually tore it down.

                          Dean mentioned the Alamo Court on Rt. 50. I never stayed there and always got a good laugh when passing by it. I could picture a mariachi band playing La Cucharacha. It looks like the kind of place that even the Orkin Man fears going into.

                          One other place worth mentioning, even though I never stayed there is the Georgia Belle (now the Serene). My sister got a room there a few years back on a busy weekend with few vacancies in town. Upon entering the room she noticed the pile of "toe nail clippings" sitting on top of the dresser. She refused to stay there after seeing that and did get her money back after informing the front desk. No sooner did they hand her back the money, the front desk person shouted to waiting customers "we have a room available!".


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                            I have a special place in my heart for the Miami Court.True is was a cess pool but the owners left you alone and you could back your car equippped with a quarter keg right up to your front door.What else would a 19 year old wish for ?
                            Beware of the Carona Cat !!!


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                              In 95, my friends and I stayed at the Budget Beach motel. When we first got in there, we found two USED condoms and a half eaten bag of doritoes under the bed. When we called the front desk to inform them of this, they sent a housekeeper to our room who promptly gave us a rubber glove and informed us that she wouldn't touch it.

                              We were to have a small fridge in our room to and did not have one. When we informed the front desk of this, they told us they had no fridges to put in the room, but said they would accomodate us. Their answer to this problem: They brought us a 15 gallon plastic trash can and told us we could use to ice maker to fill it with ice!!!!!!



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                                Didn't actually stay there but one time I remember walking past the Surfrider and the outdoor pool was a disgusting green color. I don't think that place still exists, thank goodness! I also remember one time, I think it was in 1989, we were trying to find a place to stay and went to the Quality Inn Oceanfront on 54th Street. The place was so dirty that we quickly left after a few minutes and we ended up staying at the Holiday Inn on 67th Street. I still think that the worst hotel there is, which has been listed among the top 10 dirtiest hotels in America two years in a row, is the Inn of Lancaster (former Days Inn) at 30 Keller Avenue in Lancaster, PA. I heard a rumor that it's closing in May and I am sure that the Manheim Township police will be glad when and if the hotel closes!