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What was the worst hotel/motel you stayed at?

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  • What was the worst hotel/motel you stayed at?

    I'm just sitting here reminiscing about past O.C. trips and then an ugly thought came into my head about the worst motel I stayed in down there. What is the worst place you've stayed at?

    For me, it was the Sea Cove. For my stay there, I had to invest in 3 bottles of Febreeze.

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    I think the worst place I have ever stayed in OC was the Lankford. I know it is somewhat "historic" and has a great location, but it just reminded me of staying in a dumpy old house...and they locked the doors at night after a certain hour, so if you were out and they locked the doors, you had to stay out! Don't get me wrong, it was clean and the staff was very friendly, I just prefer something a little different.


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      I wouldn't rate it as the worst HOTEL I've stayed at, because I stayed there many times, but the worst ROOM I ever had was at the Ramada Convention Center. Our original room was given to the Cruise In concert headliner and we were bumped to a suite two floors down. When we went in, the ceiling was down in the bathroom and repairmen were working on it, the room had dirty sheets, it was supposed to be a non smoking room, but there were burn holes in the sofa and cigarette butts on the floor, and there was jelly on the back of one of the dinette chairs that got all over my white blouse. After they fixed the ceiling, I had to call for them to send a maid to clean the bathroom, and she only wiped the toilet seat. The floor was covered in plaster dust and the tub had it so thick that it would have plugged the plumbing if I would have showered. Oh,did I mention the mold in the refrigerator? And because it was cruise in weekend, they refused to change our room. Very bad. After letters to Ramada International Hq, OC Chamber of Commerce, OC Visitors Bureau, and a couple other places, they remodeled and it was very nice till the day they closed.
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        From what I read on TripAdvisor, it sounds like you stayed at the Carousel instead of the Ramada

        FWIW, the couple of times I stayed at the Carousel, I didn't have any problems, other then the price, but I'm a tightwad by nature.


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          We stayed at the Carousel once. The elevators, and dirty, crowded beach really turned us off. We never went back.
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            Spanish Main

            Years ago my brother stayed at the Spnish Main. The "Kitchen" had only a few plates and 3 or 4 pieces of silverware, but it did come with a Bong in one of the cabinets! We met my brother there after a 3+ hour drive and my then 1 year old son peed on the floor while being changed after the long ride - we cleaned it up, but suspected it wasn't the first time it had happened to that rug...

            We still talk about it 10+ years later...

            BTW, the Spanish Main was torn down about 5 years ago.


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              How about the old Stowaway motel where the new Grand Stowaway sits, that place had some pretty dumpy rooms. The window air conditioner smelled like it had a built in ashtray!!!

              Oh and by far the worst smelling place was the Best Western Flagship on 28th! I've flushed better smelling stuff than this place! It's a perfect home for the Johna and The Whale restaurant


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                The far worst place that I have stayed at in OC was about 15 years ago, so I would have been only about 10 years old, but the place has stayed forever in my memory. The only year our family stayed directly on the boardwalk, my mom booked the Sandyhill Motel. I remember it was quite dirty and dingy. The next year we stayed nearby at the Spinnaker, but this was not directly on the boardwalk, then we rented a condo every year after.

                My wife and I are staying at the Holiday Inn Hotel & Suites in October, and it is the first time she has ever stayed on the boardwalk and it will be the first time directly on the boardwalk since the Sandyhill experience. And what a coincidence - the Sandyhill is the motel they demolished to build the second addition onto the Holiday Inn. They first demolished the Ocean Park Motel and then the next summer they demolished the Sandyhill to add on to the side of it. I hope that we get a room that is over the old Sandyhill site for old time's sake.

                What all hotels has everyone stayed at in their years of going to OC? This is my complete list:

                French Quarter Motel (now part of the Days Inn)
                North Winds Motel (was then the Sunset Bay Motel, then demolished for condos)
                Nassau Motel (RIP - that was such a nice motel)
                Sandyhill Motel
                Spinnaker Motel
                Days Inn Bayside (then became the Hampton Inn, then Ramada Limited Convention Center)
                Dunes Manor Hotel
                Dunes Motel
                Kings Arms Motel
                Hilton Suites

                Bob Hall - what a great idea for a new thread! Hope lots respond with their experiences. OC has certainly had their share of Bates Motels - so lots of posters should have a story to tell!


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                  Bad hotels? Montecello,now the Monte Carlo,we stayed there onthe very last night it was open for business,then it was demolished.The Haven on the boaredwalk,which has also been torn down and replaced with a new and improved (Haven)...hear it,s really nice now.and a place called Delmarva had to be the worst,it was on a side street very near the boardwalk and close to Trimpers,we went without reservations on a friday,about 25 years ago,lock on the door would not work,they sent someone to fix it and this guy did not have a clue,I do that kind of stuff for a living,so I fixed it myself. Went out on the town ,came in very late ,and the place was full of cock roaches,shook out all of our clothes,jumped in the car and took a 3 hour drive home (drinking),and it has since been torn down!


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                    When we first started going to O.C and did not know where to stay. We stayed at Sufside 8, What a junk hole. The place was dirty and had bugs, the owner told us he was in the middle of remodeling but I did not notice any contrators or supplies anywhere. Since then we have learned where to stay and not stay and have even purchased our own place.


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                      Thunderbird Beach Motel

                      Haven't been able to find any reviews anywhere. Anybody ever stayed here???????


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                        Least favorite motel was the Best Western Flagship. Other places we have stayed in the past were Satellite (now Howard Johnsons), Nassau (no longer there), Holiday Inn, Stardust (demolished for the Hilton), Surf and Sands (now the Days Inn), Ouality Inn and the Sahara.


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                          Plim Plaza

                          Forget the facelift - we stayed after the exterior refurbishing and every time the people in the room above us flushed their toilet, we got a gentle cascade of water down the wall of our room about five feet wide.

                          When we complained, management sighed and let us know we were bothering them and that they were tired of that complaint. When we explained that is not what a hotel is supposed to do when a customer has a legitimate complaint, they begrudingly offered to refund the cost of our remaining days and left us to find another hotel on our own.


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                            Originally posted by Silly Jeff View Post

                            When we complained, management sighed and let us know we were bothering them and that they were tired of that complaint. When we explained that is not what a hotel is supposed to do when a customer has a legitimate complaint, they begrudingly offered to refund the cost of our remaining days and left us to find another hotel on our own.
                            In your shoes, I would've contacted the BBB and O.C.'s chamber of commerce.


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                              I'm shocked that nobody has mentioned the Alamo out on rt 50.

                              That place just plain old looks scary!