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  • Scuttled again.........

    While killing time below decks last week, the first mate reports that I should hail our latest port in a storm, the ancient Ric Mar apartments on the Isle of Fenwick. (enough nautical talk). Their website has updated rates for 2014. I know it's not OC, but as I get older, I seem to chart a more northerly course. My old 'hood was around 145th......lost that one to legal matters (not mine). We stayed at RM last year, and, despite it's age, we liked it. (and the Ukranian housekeepers lounging at the pool. Phones rings on answering machine for 3 days. Finally, I give up and call the FI Chamber of Commerce to make an inquiry. They say they don't think RM has opened (yet).......Anyway, if any good forum reader is around Delaware Ave.@ Bunting Ave, please post if you see any activity at the Ric Mar......sea ya!!