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  • Booking Hotels on this site

    I thought it was cheaper to book hotels on this site. It would cost me $100 more here then booking directly with the hotel.

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    There are a lot of booking sites to find bargains. I've never even looked at this one to be honest.
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      I did notice that you can find some of the off-beat, ma and pa-type hotels on here. Some are good, some are not, just depends on what you're looking for. The major booking sites seem to stick with the big-named hotels. I can't speak for price, though.


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        At my advanced age (55) I try to stay on the cutting edge of today's newfangled booking options. I almost understand But I find there is no substitute for talking to a real hotel desk employee. THEY are still the ones that can let you know if your 49 dollar room has a view of an alley and a dumpster. (notice I didn't boor you with nautical talk?)