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Bikes at the Decatur house on 12th street.

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  • Bikes at the Decatur house on 12th street.

    We will be staying at the Decatur House on 12th street in august and plan on taking our bikes for boardwalk and assateaque island riding. I am wondering if it's going to be a project getting them up to our 4th floor condo everytime we are done riding. Has anyone ever stayed there and if so are the elevators big enough to fit the bikes in, or even a large stairwell we can walk them up and down. I have a bike rack on my truck that they can be locked to, but I don't want to drive around with them all week. If I get rear ended, or I back into something, there goes 1500 bucks in bikes. Then there is the worry of some little punks slashing tires. Any suggestions or experiences would be appreciated. Thank you.

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    Hi Plains,

    We stay at the Decatur House. You shouldn't have a problem. The elevator will be big enough to get bikes on and off. You may have to ride up two at a time. Just a warning though the elevators are slow at the Decatur House. We see people puts their bikes on the balcony all the time.


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      Sweet, thanks VitaminJ !!! Another vacation logistical nightmare off my back. 37 more days!!!