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Lucayan or Bay Club Rentals -- Pet Friendly Rentals

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  • Lucayan or Bay Club Rentals -- Pet Friendly Rentals

    Anyone know of either of these places? They appear to be condo / resort communities that rent out much like hotels and are pet friendly.

    From online reviews I've read the Bay Club doesn't fare too well.

    The Lucayan seems to do much better.

    Just exploring these as an option for if my daughter is able to join us for a long weekend during our vacation in September. She'd rather not have to kennel her small weiner dog and these condos and some small houses up north and bayside appear to rent for long weekends at rates comparable to hotels. Figured they might be a little better with a dog than just a hotel room?

    I'm also checking into the hotels that folks have mentioned here in other threads including the Barefoot Mailman, Clarion and Comfort Suites.

    But in general too, I'm not sure I understand places like the Bay Club or Lucayan. I assume them to be privately owned / time-shared units that the "resort" rents out for the owners. And as such, I would think the units may vary widely within the building(s).

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    Just remember that her dog is still not allowed on the beach or boardwalk in September. Not until after October 1.
    As for hotels, it's hard to beat the Clarion. They have one floor of the hotel devoted to pet owners. And dogs of all sizes are welcome. We walked in one time to two Great Danes standing in the lobby. Imagine our surprise!! But they were beautiful and well behaved.
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      Yep. Our daughter will only be down for a couple of days (unfortunately) so we'll probably do Assateague one day and Bethany another or something like that. My only regret is that Milo (the wiener dog) can't join me for a burger at the frog bar -- he would enjoy it!

      My wife and I have the rest of our 2 week stay oceanfront to recover from roughing it for the couple of days. ;-)

      Thanks for the recommendation on the Clarion.


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        Comfort Suites is nice, but it's in West OC on rte 50. We stayed there once and it smelled like dogs. But they have a nice area in the back for the dogs to do their thing and it's fairly new. But your daughter would have to drive into OC to go to the beach or spend time with you.
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