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Where Should I Start In Looking for A Large Family Rental Next Year?

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  • Where Should I Start In Looking for A Large Family Rental Next Year?

    My husband and I have been longtime vacationers in Ocean City. It stems back to when I was in school, and my aunt and uncle would take 6-8 of us to OC, where we'd stay in a condo in north OC, like the Carousel or the Century. For the summer of 2016, we'd like to relive some of those family days by getting a rental (probably for a week).

    Ideally, we'd like something more central to the boardwalk, and in the ocean block. We'd have anywhere from 10-14 people, coming in 3 or 4 different cars.

    So, I'm here seeking advice. Where should I start? What are recommendations, or things to avoid? And most importantly, how soon should we book for next July?

    Thanks for any advice that you can offer!

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    Start with the realtor sites.

    The Quality Inn Suites on 33rd (6 blocks north of the boardwalk on the beach) has a 5 bedroom condo available and a 4 bedroom also available. They're pricey ($5000 - $6000) a week, but if you split it it's not so bad. Check out their website for pics and call them soon if you're interested.
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      I've already plugged in the 10-14 people filter. You can plug in the dates and go from there.


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        Parking is going to be your biggest issue. Even condos with large occupancies often only come with two parking spaces. Finding street parking can be hit or miss, depending on the location of your condo.

        We rent from cbvacations. Things will start being available in October for rental the following year. A lot of times you will see Call for Rates or something like that at first. That is because the reservation is being held for the person who had previously rented the unit. Once they give it up, it will appear as available.

        See how many units are available that fit your criteria. For larger units, the sooner you book, the better off you are. We have a 4-bedroom/4-bath place with three parking spots booked for this year (for September) that we booked in October.

        Some sites do not allow you to search for units unless you put in dates, which is really irritating. You might be better off calling those rental places to get information.

        If you'd like information on the places we've looked at/stayed, let me know. Our criteria are a little different than yours, which narrow our search (we need no steps, free Internet, ocean front). You can reach me here or by using my screen name and


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          Look into Ocean Colony condos between 47th and 48th street. Right on the ocean, across the street from Seacrets, townhouse style condos. These are 4 or 5 bedroom condos that have 4 or 5 separate decks/balconys and seem to be able to handle LARGE crowds.

          No, I do not own one but I have a place near there and they seem perfect for a large family.


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            Thank you, everyone!
            DeMan, you are RIGHT about the Ocean Colony! I've been looking at the sites recommended above, and those Ocean Colony condos hit the top of my list. I really like the location, and being directly on the ocean. Those extra parking spots will be a bonus too.

            Thanks everyone for your replies. I've been a long-time lurker here, and knew I could get some good advice asking here.


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              Checkout Sunset Island at 67th Street. Great Townhouses and Single Family houses that could hold your crew (3BR condos too)., but be sure to check out how many pool and parking passes come wit the unit. Any realtor in town will have listings.


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                check into the Avalon on 141 street you get 2 parking spots under condo and plenty of off street parking. we stay in room 702 it has 3 bedrooms and a pullout couch. there is plenty of space in the living room to use inflatable mattress's they are through cb. vacations they are very helpful in many ways to make your stay enjoyable