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    Anyone have any insider information on the status of the Sea Scape and the associated businesses in the building? I know there were talks of it being torn down and replaced by a Hyatt...but when? Riding past the Sea Scape, there is a sign out front stating they are booking reservations for 2016 starting in January. Guess they are staying for at least one more summer??

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    I found this article that says demolition of the Sea Scape is to start mid January, and the east side of the Hyatt to be open by the beginning of summer. Good luck with that. I kind of wonder if the parking issues couldn't be resolved and they scrapped the whole idea.
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      Unfortunately, that article from The Dispatch you posted is from last December, the first time they planned to demolish.

      Pepper's Tavern posted something on their Facebook page in late Sept about closing for good. When I popped in there in August, the bartender told me that in September, they'd find out if they'd be staying at the Sea Scape, or if they'd have to find a new place. Considering they posted that they're done, it sounds to me like the demolition could happen.

      I'm going to OC this weekend. I'll drive by and see if I see anything.

      If I recall, weren't there a few false starts when the original Santa Maria went down?


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        I don't know. I wouldn't be surprised to see them open again for the 2016 summer season. Looking in the windows (without being too intrusive) it looks like the bar is just closed for the winter - meaning all of the stuff is still on the inside. I can't imagine the Sea Scape taking reservations for 2016 if there are any plans of demolition within the next year. Guess we will have to wait and see.


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          Drove past on Saturday. And there was definitely a sign on the Sea Scape regarding taking reservations for 2016.

          I wonder if this means that Pepper's will be back for another summer. I would imagine the owners of Pepper's would like to move on from this year-to-year stuff.