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    We spent this weekend at the Fairfield Inn and Suites on 25th St. and Coastal Highway, on the bay side. A newer (maybe the newest ) hotel in OC. We really enjoyed it.
    Pros: Fantastic staff, very modern, clean clean clean, large bathrooms, quiet, and fabulous QUIET air conditioning.
    Cons: We were 416 and our door didn't lock unless you were inside and threw the bolt. But if you left the room, you could just turn the handle and walk in. Not good. BUT, here's a pro: The staff was fantastic when I reported it, the maintenance man was there before I could get off the elevator and he tried and tried to fix it. No luck. So they immediately gave us a room right next door (no upgrade - con) but it was an easy move and no troubles after that.
    Con: their free hot breakfasts are terrible! Turkey sausage or pork sausage on Saturday, or Canadian bacon (ham) on Sunday. No bacon at all. The eggs were awful. Scrambled or a so called "omelet" which was a flat egg rolled around a piece of hard rolled cheese. Definitely needs improvement.
    Pro: there were plenty of bagels, English muffins, breads, and cornbreads to eat. Con: Saturday, there were two toasters, today only one and only one side worked.
    Pro: two mini Belgian waffle makers which must have made very good waffles because everyone was trying to use them. Plenty of yogurt, and fruit. And cartons of 2% or skim milk and juice.
    Our room was large with a king size bed, high off the ground, NO carpet (hooray!!), but had laminate floors instead and they were clean. A very large tv mounted on the wall, not a large amount of channels, but enough to find something to watch. Comfy, comfy, comfy bed with four pillows, and all done in white so any little bit of dirt would show up right away, and we found none.
    Biggest pros: THE SHOWER! OMG! I wish I could have blinked and whisked that thing into my bathroom at home. HUGE! No tub (fine with me) gigantic glass doors on rollers that had not one spot of soap spots on them. And plenty of hot water and fantastic water pressure. Plenty of towels too. There is no hair dryer built in, but it is in a bag behind the door and works great. Second, the air conditioning is centralized, but you can adjust it in your room and you NEVER EVER hear it! EVER! So quiet! We slept like babies!

    I definitely recommend this hotel. A few minor flaws, but nothing that can't be adjusted easily. We will be going back again.
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    Nice write-up. That's a nice chain of hotels; sometimes we stay at the one when we visit our son at his college.

    And if the breakfast sucks, there's always Happy Jack's across the street!


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      This is true, but they were closed now. Of course, Buxy's is next door on one side and Dry Dock 28 and Embers on the other (Ember's doesn't serve breakfast), so you never go hungry here.
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        The Dunes Manor on 28th has a great breakfast and you can eat on their deck with a great view of the shore


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          Z- Thanks for the solid writeup. The place looks beautiful from the outside, so I'm glad to hear it holds up. Hopefully some of the cons you cited are startup and off season kinks that they will workout before things get busy again next spring.


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            Hotel review

            Nice explanation. Thanks for recommending. It seems that I am also planning to go there.


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              I'll have to keep this in mind Momoo..